Prisons in the Americas in the Twenty-First Century

A Human Dumping Ground

by Jonathan D. Rosen, Marten W. Brienen, Astrid Arrarás, Emily D. Bello-Pardo, Adrián Bonilla, Marten W. Brienen, Nashira Chávez, Sebastián A. Cutrona, Lucía Dammert, Manuel Dammert Guardia, Khatchik DerGhougassian, Brian Fonseca, Jean-Claude Garcia-Zamor, Pamela Pamelá, W. Andy Knight, Susan Phillips, Christa L. Remington, Jonathan D. Rosen, Marcelo Rocha e Silva Zorovich, Tamara Rice Lave, Randy Seepersad, Dianne Williams,

This volume on penitentiary systems in the Americas offers a long-overdue look at the prisons that exist at the forefront of the ongoing struggle against drugs and violence throughout North, Central, and South America and the Caribbean. From Haiti to Bolivia, the authors examine the conditions in these systems, and allow several common themes to emerge, including the alarming prevalence of lengthy pre-trial detention and the often abysmal living conditions in these institutions. Taken together, this comprises the first comparative overview of the use and abuse of prisons in the Americas.
  • Lexington Books; April 2015
  • ISBN 9780739191361
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  • Title: Prisons in the Americas in the Twenty-First Century
  • Author: Jonathan D. Rosen (ed.); Marten W. Brienen (ed.); Astrid Arrarás (contrib.); Emily D. Bello-Pardo (contrib.); Adrián Bonilla (contrib.); Marten W. Brienen (contrib.); Nashira Chávez (contrib.); Sebastián A. Cutrona (contrib.); Lucía Dammert (contrib.); Manuel Dammert Guardia (contrib.); Khatchik DerGhougassian (contrib.); Brian Fonseca (contrib.); Jean-Claude Garcia-Zamor (contrib.); Pamela Pamelá (contrib.); W. Andy Knight (contrib.); Susan Phillips (contrib.); Christa L. Remington (contrib.); Jonathan D. Rosen (contrib.); Marcelo Rocha e Silva Zorovich (contrib.); Tamara Rice Lave (contrib.); Randy Seepersad (contrib.); Dianne Williams (contrib.); Roberto Zepeda Martínez (contrib.)
  • Imprint: Lexington Books

About The Author

Jonathan D. Rosen is research professor at the Institute of International Studies at the Universidad del Mar, Mexico.

Marten Brienen teaches political science at Oklahoma State University.