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Faith, Hope and Charity

Faith, Hope and Charity by Ginny McBlain
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A woman with a past...

From the moment Kirsten Hansen moves into the house across the street from St. Peter?s Church, her life changes. Drawn by the music of the carillon, she finds herself in church, the last place she ever thought she?d be. Worse still, she?s attracted to the preacher, the one man a woman like her can never have.

A grief-stricken man...

Reverend Michael Holliman, widower, has found the solution to all his problems. Kirsten is a renter who treats the church?s house as if it were her own, makes is spoiled daughter mind and gives the youth group the care and attention they deserve. The only drawback is that she stirs his senses and thaws his frozen heart. He doesn?t have time to breathe, much less pursue the lady with the shadowed eyes.

Runaway teens...

St. Peter?s offers shelter and warmth. How long can the runaways live in the youth room with getting caught?

Awe-Struck Publishing; September 2004
219 pages; ISBN 9781587494697
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Title: Faith, Hope and Charity
Author: Ginny McBlain
?What am I going to do?? Reverend Michael Holliman shifted his gaze from Hope napping in her playpen in the corner of his office at St. Peter?s Church and stared at the picture of his late wife, willing her to give him an answer to his desperate question. ?Our darling daughter is getting out of hand.? ?What?s the imp done now?? A voice spoke from the doorway. Michael swiveled in his chair to face his best friend. ?Quinn. Have a seat.? Quinn McAllister pulled a visitor?s chair and sat down. ?I repeat. What?s the imp done now?? Pitched a royal tantrum in Wal-Mart until I let her out of the cart--? ?Uh-oh!? ?--then wandered off. Our guardian angel was at work again. A kind lady picked her up. When I found her and insisted she ride, strapped in, she kicked and screamed loud enough to wake the dead.? ?Typical two-year-old.? ?You can grin now that your kids are past that age.? Quinn?s grin widened. ?Yeah. Don?t sweat it. She?ll out grow it.? ?She?s becoming spoiled rotten. I?m the only one who tells her no. I probably don?t do it often enough.? ?It?s hard to hang tough. Hazel and company are over-indulgent?? ?I don?t know how to handle this diplomatically. The church ladies have been great. I couldn?t have managed to care for a newborn and do my job without their help. But this catering to Hope?s every whim has got to stop.? ?You need someone younger and more forceful to watch her.? ?You?re right.... You didn?t stop by to talk about Hope. Have you checked out our windfall?? ?Burton and I did a walk through. The house is old, but sound and in decent shape. We want to suggest renting it until the Committee on Missions can make their recommendation on permanent use.? ?Sounds good. What are you looking at in the way of rent?? ?I?d like to lease it to someone who needs an inexpensive place to live and who?ll give it TLC.? Michael smiled. ?I know that look, Quinn. Who do you have in mind?? ?My sister-in-law, Kirsten. She graduated from UNO in August, too late to get a teaching position this fall. She?s subbing all over the area. It?s pretty steady, but not big enough bucks to let her get a nice apartment and pay on her boat load of student loans.? ?Mmm. I can hear Hector Smallwood bellow now. He?ll say the property was willed to us for missions and allowing a single woman to live there and have wild parties is not in keeping with the terms of the will.? Quinn chuckled. ?And he?ll emphasize his point with his arms folded across his chest and his face fixed in a bulldog scowl. If anyone deserves a break, it?s Kirsten. She?s lead a rough life, and she?s trying hard to better herself. She?s resourceful and is careful with everything she has, which isn?t much. Wild parties aren?t her thing. She works like one possessed. We?ll tell them she?s our mission project.? Michael trusted Quinn?s judgment implicitly. ?All kidding aside, it sounds like she?s the kind of person we?d want living there. Let?s handle it this way. At the meeting tonight, you make your proposal, without mentioning Kirsten. If it?s accepted, I?ll tell the board I?ll check around for a deserving candidate. Can you have her come see me? If she likes the place and our interview is satisfactory, she can move in next week. ?Okay.? Quinn ambled to the door. ?I?ll see you tonight. Don?t let Miss Hope get you down.? ?Yeah, right,? Michael chuckled as Quinn left the office. Michael leaned back and sighed. Desperation on his part and Christian caring on theirs had landed him in a pickle. He?d been in a state of shock when Elise died. Hope, a tiny preemie, needed constant attention. His congregation had rallied around them. He never would?ve made it without their love and support. Hope had become the center of the lives of three women, especially Hazel Smallwood. They meant well, but he suspected their energy level wasn?t enough to deal with his daughter, who plunged headlong into each day eager to explore everything that crossed her path. He prayed for guidance.
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