A Practical Manual of Diabetic Foot Care

by Michael E. Edmonds, Alethea V. M. Foster,

Winner of ‘BMA Book of the Year’ in 2004

Judges’ summary of the book:
“This is a first-class text on the management of all aspects of the diabetic foot. It is a practical guide with information and advice, which is easy to access. It takes the reader through the natural history of the diabetic foot from the normal foot and relatively minor pathology to the end stage of infection, gangrene and ultimately amputation. The various stages with the book’s structure have case studies to highlight the clinical management problems encountered by diabetes foot specialists….Much of the text is broken up with bullet points, chapters and sub-chapters which allow the reader to pick out information from quick scans of the book. There is liberal use of illustrations throughout the book, which is particularly important as diabetic footcare is a specialty which is particularly reliant on observation. The book also details the ‘how to do it’ aspects rather than vague reference to what is required. It also uses the published evidence for its recommendations but, where this is lacking, the authors draw on their extensive experience of managing diabetic feet to guide the reader.”

This book is a practical clinical manual for the diagnosis, treatment - both medical and surgical - and the long-term care of foot problems in people with diabetes. The authors are world-renowned experts in this subject and they present the internationally recognized best practice.

The clinical chapters are presented in a structured, color-coded format to allow easy reference. The text also includes highlighted best clinical practice tips. Each chapter is accompanied by high-quality, full-color photographs that provide excellent examples of the earliest presenting signs as well as illustrating the step-by-step guidance on treatment. This book is an essential manual for every healthcare professional involved in the care of patients with diabetes.

  • Wiley; September 2007
  • ISBN 9780470994078
  • Read online, or download in secure PDF format
  • Title: A Practical Manual of Diabetic Foot Care
  • Author: Michael E. Edmonds; Alethea V. M. Foster; Lee Sanders
  • Imprint: Wiley-Blackwell

About The Author

Dr. Michael E. Edmonds MD FRCP Consultant in Diabetes, King’s College Hospital, London, is a world-renowned expert on foot problems in diabetes. He lectured on the topic throughout the world and gave the inaugural Roger Pecoraro Lecture at the American Diabetes Association’s annual meeting. He is also chairman of the Diabetic Foot Study Group of the European Association of the Study of Diabetes.

Mrs. Alethea V.M. Foster BA (HON) PGCE, MChS, SRCh, Dip.Pod.M Chief Podiatrist, King’s College Hospital, London, was involved in the development of the UK Government’s National Service Framework for Diabetes which is to be implemented in all hospitals, clinics and primary care practices by April 2004. In May 2003, Alethea was the first podiatrist to be awarded the International Diabetic Foot Award, which is only awarded every four years to an individual who has played a pivotal role in developing diabetic foot care.

Dr. Lee Sanders DPM, Chief of Podiatry, Acute Care/Specialty Services, Department of Veterans Affairs Medical Center, Lebanon, Pennsylvania, USA. He is past President for Health Care and Education of the American Diabetes Association, the first podiatrist in ADA’s history to be elected to this prestigious position. Dr. Sanders is also a medical historian, with a special interest in the history of diabetes.