Regulation and Entry into Telecommunications Markets

by Paul de Bijl,

This book analyses telecommunications markets from early to mature competition, filling the gap between the existing economic literature on competition and the real-life application of theory to policy. Paul De Bijl and Martin Peitz focus on both the transitory and the persistent asymmetries between telephone companies, investigating the extent to which access price and retail price regulation stimulate both short- and long-term competition. They explore and compare various settings, such as non-linear versus linear pricing, facilities-based versus unbundling-based or carrier-select-based competition, non-segmented versus segmented markets. On the basis of their analysis, De Bijl and Peitz then formulate guidelines for policy. This book is a valuable resource for academics, regulators and telecommunications professionals. It is accompanied by simulation programs devised by the authors both to establish and to illustrate their results.
  • Cambridge University Press; January 2003
  • ISBN 9780511057595
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  • Title: Regulation and Entry into Telecommunications Markets
  • Author: Paul de Bijl; Martin Peitz
  • Imprint: Cambridge University Press

In The Press

Review of the hardback: 'Paul de Bijl and Martin Peitz substantially expand our understanding of corporate strategies and regulatory trade-offs in the telecommunications industry. Using a rigorous analytical framework, they guide us through the early liberalization stage toward competition in a mature market. This insightful and comprehensive book is essential reading for all academics, consultants and industry professionals concerned with telecommunications.' Jean Tirole, University of Toulouse