Custom, Power and the Power of Rules

International Relations and Customary International Law


This book sets out to explain the most foundational aspect of international law in international relations terms. By doing so it goes straight to the central problem of international law - that although legally speaking all states are equal, socially speaking they clearly are not. As such it is an ambitious and controversial book which will be of interest to all international relations scholars and students and practitioners of international law.
  • Cambridge University Press; March 1999
  • ISBN 9780511035944
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  • Title: Custom, Power and the Power of Rules
  • Author: Michael Byers
  • Imprint: Cambridge University Press

In The Press

"Byer's book is a provocative attempt to bring together international relations theory and the study of evolving customary international law, those unwritten, informal rules that are binding upon states. Recommended for upper-division undergraduates and above." Choice