Scale-isometric Polytopal Graphs In Hypercubes And Cubic Lattices

Polytopes In Hypercubes And Zn

by Michel Deza, Viatcheslav Grishukhin,

This monograph identifies polytopes that are "combinatorially l1-embeddable", within interesting lists of polytopal graphs, i.e. such that corresponding polytopes are either prominent mathematically (regular partitions, root lattices, uniform polytopes and so on), or applicable in chemistry (fullerenes, polycycles, etc.). The embeddability, if any, provides applications to chemical graphs and, in the first case, it gives new combinatorial perspective to "l2-prominent" affine polytopal objects.

The lists of polytopal graphs in the book come from broad areas of geometry, crystallography and graph theory. The book concentrates on such concise and, as much as possible, independent definitions. The scale-isometric embeddability — the main unifying question, to which those lists are subjected — is presented with the minimum of technicalities.

  • World Scientific Publishing Company; January 2004
  • ISBN 9781783260867
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  • Title: Scale-isometric Polytopal Graphs In Hypercubes And Cubic Lattices
  • Author: Michel Deza; Viatcheslav Grishukhin; Mikhail Shtogrin
  • Imprint: Imperial College Press