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By Fire and Stars

By Fire and Stars by Michelle L. Levigne
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On Chorillan, Phase was the worst thing that could ever happen to a child. Someone kept the news of Chorillan’s problem from reaching authorities who could help find the reason and the cure. Someone deliberately fostered fear and hatred of Wildlings, and as the generations went on, it only grew worse.

Despite treatment to prevent Phase, Lucas Aidan became a Wildling. When a devastating accident separated him from his family, he fled into the forests of Chorillan. Using the skills taught him by Captain Fieran, he survived and thrived and taught other new Wildlings. He evaded recapture and survived two winters in the wilderness and learned the secrets of Chorillan – and the Wildlings who never went home to civilization.

When he was captured and thrown into Rehabilitation, he became the Legend, something for the authorities and the secret enemies of Wildlings to fear. His life was hampered with boundaries, surrounded by watching eyes. Returning to the forest was impossible, so he found a new destiny – saving the children of Chorillan from the abuse, prejudice and injustice that he and his friends suffered. The government was against all Wildlings, so Lucas organized his friends and followers to work in secret, to protect Chorillan, Wildlings and the Azuli, for however long it took.

Awe-Struck Publishing; July 2005
165 pages; ISBN 9781587495120
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Title: By Fire and Stars
Author: Michelle L. Levigne
An Azuli met him when he emerged from the forest and started crossing the plain to reach the canyon. Lucas blinked away hot tears, the first he had cried since losing Trae and Grego. He didn’t speak. Sometimes he wondered if he would ever speak again. The Azuli communicated without speaking – why couldn’t he? The two walked across the plain, sleeping by day, traveling at night. Lucas learned how to feel the heartbeat of the planet through his feet, to sense every insect, every flicker in the wind, to smell every scent, to know by touch and smell which plants were good for Humans to eat. He slept curled up next to the Azuli and no nightmares tormented him. A blond, bearded man dressed in supple, old silverdeer leather waited for Lucas at the mouth of the Azuli canyon, the morning they arrived. He sat on a wide, flat boulder, cleaning his fingernails with a stone knife while he watched the boy and Azuli come closer. He nodded to the Azuli, who nudged his hand with its nose and then darted past him, down the rocky slope into the canyon. Lucas waited, afraid the Azuli wanted him to go with this man. Then he wondered: Why be afraid? Anyone who got this close to the canyon had to be a Wildling. “You must be something special, boy,” the man said. He gestured for Lucas to take a seat. “I’m not even allowed this close, but Scar Foot nearly dragged me here yesterday afternoon. How’d you keep from getting caught?” “Hid.” Lucas shrugged, finally sitting down. He liked this man. There was something familiar about him. For all he knew, he had seen this man’s face in his dreams, in that strange, silent, sensed communication from the Azuli. “We all hide. Some are better than others. The Azuli help, but they don’t get too close to Humans.” A grin cracked his face when Lucas opened his mouth to correct him. “Wake up, boy. We’re not Humans anymore. Wildlings are something new. Chorillan has claimed us and changed us.” His eyes narrowed. “Where’d you get that scar? Hunters?”
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