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Bear Hugs

Bear Hugs by Ginny McBlain
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Paige Holbrook needs help to bring her son out of a coma. In total desperation, she turns to Bidwell Bear, young Jamie’s TV idol. From their first meeting, Paige and Hunter Blackwell, the man inside the Bidwell costume, each experience an attraction neither can ignore. He’s kind and caring. His melodious voice sends shivers up her spine, trips her heart into overdrive and curls her toes. She’s strong in the face of trouble and devoted to those she loves.

Hunter is about to realize his life-long dream—to be a singing star. Paige swore she would never again love any man in public life. Glitz and glamour aren’t her thing, not after what she’s been through with her playboy ex-husband.

Can Hunter convince Paige his love worth the glare of the spotlight?

Awe-Struck Publishing; July 2005
209 pages; ISBN 9781587495137
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Title: Bear Hugs
Author: Ginny McBlain
He didn’t sound like a bear. His voice, whiskey smooth and low, curled her toes, and when he sang his little ditties shivers crawled along her spine. His voice conveyed sexy, his words portrayed caring. Her imagination conjured breath-stopping handsome. Chastising herself for such a schoolgirlish notion, Paige stuck her head around the family room door. “Jamie, put your shoes on. Daddy’ll be here in a few minutes.” “Mo-om, Bidwell’s on.” And nothing on earth, not even a trip to the zoo with his father, would keep Jamie Holbrook from his daily date with Bidwell Bear. What did the man under the fuzzy bear costume look like? The question nagged every time she heard the Bidwell Bear theme song. So often voices didn’t match the mental image they proclaimed. Good old lovable Bidwell was most likely a balding fellow, whose paunch was camouflaged by his costume’s thick artificial fur. “You can put your shoes on and watch Bidwell at the same time.” A toe-tapping rhythm emanated from the television set. “Mom, watch this! Bidwell’s gonna dance and do a flip. Watch, Mom. He’s way cool.” Intrigued in spite of herself, Paige perched on the edge of the couch, her gaze trained on the screen. How could anyone wearing a bulky suit move with such grace? Bidwell sang, bidding his young fans to share and play fair while he executed a terrific soft-shoe and emphasized his lesson by turning a back flip. His electric blue, Greek fisherman’s cap dropped to the floor. The long vest slid up to his armpits. How he kept from getting tangled in the poppy red garment, she’d never know. The image of a well-honed athlete flashed through her mind. “Didya see him, Mom?” Jamie’s eyes, blue as the Nebraska sky on a clear summer day, sparkled. Not for the first time, Paige thanked her lucky stars that Jamie had chosen such a lovable, worthy idol. The Bidwell Bear Show was fun, fast-paced and informative, geared to the limited attention span of a pre-schooler. In Jamie’s mind, the TV character’s word was gospel. Jamie shook her knee. “Mo-om! Didya see Bidwell flip?” “Sure did. Now, please put your shoes on.” Jamie shoved his feet in battered sneakers and pulled on the laces. “I make rabbit ears, right?” “That’s right--” The doorbell chimed. * * * That afternoon, Paige made her way through the crowd of proud parents and excited graduates looking for her favorite students to tell them good-bye. “Ms. Holbrook!” The Vice Principal’s voice sounded urgent. “Yes, Mr. Bentley?” “Your father called. There’s been an accident. Jamie’s hurt badly. They’ve taken him to the Med Center.”
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