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The Daathar Chronicles

The Daathar Chronicles by Stacy Reynolds
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All of her life, Daathar has been a soldier and a loner. When the Dragon Wars begin, she sees it as just another battle; that is, until the Goddess binds her to the Lady Wanda Leopard. Once that happens, Daathar's life changes forever. As part of a family now, she has more to worry about than her own survival. Daathar, the Lady Leopard, and their friend Neita, travel back and forth across two kingdoms, locked in combat with the fiercest dragon of them all - the five-headed Pentabelle.
SynergEbooks; May 2001
111 pages; ISBN 9781931540438
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Title: The Daathar Chronicles
Author: Stacy Reynolds
Part One The monotonous clopping of Destiny's hooves almost lulled Daathar to sleep as they traveled along the road between towns. It was a tedious trip, to say the least, and she was tired from the fighting. The fighter was on her way to report for duty in Kingsdown after spending many months defending the border during the on going Dragon Wars. Since leaving her home, 10 years ago, Daathar lived the life of a conscripted solider. She joined the military because she excelled at it, expecting to be an officer in a few years. However, her loose tongue coupled with her arrogance often got her in trouble. Which is the main reason why she remained in the fighting troops and never advanced. No matter, this was the life she liked best, responsible only for herself. Never staying in one place long enough to find herself caught in the same rut many others found themselves struggling to escape. Still, there were drawbacks. Such as not having a place to call home. Everything she owned was carried on her back or her horse. There were no warm fires, nor a loving family to come home to after a long campaign. Then again there were always long trips like this one, where she longed for something, anything to happen. As surely as the Goddess had heard Daathar's wish, Destiny started and snorted. Someone disturbed the peace of these woods, and from the raucous laughter, Daathar could only assume it was not good. Spurring Destiny deeper into the woods, Daathar dismounted and drew her sword. Peering around some trees, she observed a group of bandits pillaging a small wagon while two women and a young boy stood by under the not so watchful eye of an armed guard. The older of the two women, a short stout lady of advanced years, who looked as if she brooked little or no disagreement, started forward to protest. Their guard immediately pulled a small sword and motioned her back to her place. The other woman, taller and statelier put a restraining hand on the older woman's arm while keeping her other hand on the boy's shoulder. Something about this woman's bearing tugged at Daathar's spirit, and it was almost as if she could feel the other woman's frustration at having to stand by and watch these vagabonds destroy their belongings. There was something very familiar about the woman and her charges, although Daathar was almost certain she'd never met them before. Besides, it was Daathar's duty as a conscripted soldier of the realm to uphold the laws of the King. Obviously, these bandits were breaking that law. Therefore, the only conclusion to this scenario playing out if front of her was for her to stop the raid. Calculating the odds, Daathar formulated a line of attack before stepping into the clearing. The wise thing to do would have been to quietly take out one guarding the women and the boy, and give them a dagger or two to help her defend themselves. Of course few people rarely accused Daathar of doing the wise thing. She stepped boldly into the clearing and stood there taking in the scene, waiting for the bandits to notice her. Finally, one of them did notice the fighter standing there. He motioned to a couple of the others and they stopped their pilfering long enough to take her in and draw their weapons. Mistakenly, they thought because there were five of them and only one of her, it would be a simple undertaking. They did not know what folly that thinking brought. "Go about your business soldier," one of them growled. Daathar put her hands on her hips, careful to keep her sword handy. "As far asI can tell, this obvious criminal act is my business." "All right," the man said drawing his sword "if you are willing to die here." The bandit closest to Daathar charged. Since he made the foolish error of charging with his head down like a snorting bull, she sidestepped him easily enough. Clouting him on the behind with her foot, she sent him sprawling into the bushes. Surprised to see their comrade was so easily disposed of, two others rushed her while the one guarding the prisoners turned to watch. Daathar stood her ground waiting for them to get close enough. Their lack of training undid them and it with just a couple of slashes from her sword and a neat little pirouette, the fighter had them both laid out on the ground wounded by still alive. After disposing of the ones who attacked, Daathar turned towards the bandit holding the small group hostage. He grabbed the boy and held a dagger to the lad's throat. While the boy looked frightened, he did not whimper or cry, and for that Daathar admired him greatly. “Back off, or I will slit the lad's throat,” he growled. Daathar sheathed her sword and held her hands out to show they were empty. The bandit rewarded her with a nasty sneer. Before he could complete his snarl, Daathar let a dagger drop from her sleeve into her hand and threw it as hard as she could at the man. It hit him in the shoulder holding his own dagger and caused him to stumble. When he fell, he dragged the boy down with him. The older woman cried out, but the younger woman picked up a stick and finished disarming the man. The boy scrambled out from under the bandit and managed to put a good amount of distance between himself and his former captor. The final bandit, the one who stayed behind at the wagon, looked at Daathar from behind a large frilly pair of underpants. His eyes were round and wide with fear and panic. Taking another look around to prove to himself that he was alone caused him to drop the underpants and run like a child. The older woman marched over to the wagon and started putting things back in order. All the while she mumbled to herself. The boy ran over and hopped up and down next to Daathar. "Wow! You fought three of them, and beat them. Then you threw that dagger all the way across the clearing and hit him. Hit him right in that arm so he had to let me go," he said excitedly. His big brown eyes were bright with excitement. The younger woman joined him. "Jarrell, go get some rope so we can tie up the others." Then she stuck out her hand and clasped the fighter's arm, "I am Lady Wanda Leopard. My servants and I are extremely grateful for your assistance." Daathar quickly grabbed her hat and bowed low. "My Lady. My name is Daathar. I am at your service."