Quantitative MRI of the Brain

Measuring Changes Caused by Disease


2004 BMA Medical Book Competition Winner

(Radiology category)

“This is an exciting book, with a new approach to use of the MRI scanner. It bridges the gap between clinical research and general neuro-radiological practice. It is accessible to the clinical radiologist, and yet thorough in its treatment of the underlying physics and of the science of measurement. It is likely to become a classic.” British Medical Association

This indispensable 'how to' manual of quantitative MR is essential for anyone who wants to use the gamut of modern quantitative methods to measure the effects of neurological disease, its progression, and its response to treatment. It contains both the methodology and clinical applications, reflecting the increasing interest in quantitative MR in studying disease and its progression.

  • The editor is an MR scientist with an international reputation for high quality research
  • The contributions are written jointly by MR physicists and MR clinicians, producing a practical book for both the research and medical communities
  • A practical book for both the research and medical communities

“Paul Tofts has succeeded brilliantly in capturing the essence of what needs to become the future of radiology in particular, and medicine in general – quantitative measurements of disease.” Robert I. Grossman, M.D. New York, University School of Medicine (from the Foreword)

  • Wiley; August 2005
  • ISBN 9780470869499
  • Read online, or download in secure PDF format
  • Title: Quantitative MRI of the Brain
  • Author: Paul Tofts (ed.)
  • Imprint: Wiley

About The Author

Professor Paul Tofts has worked on the physical aspects of quantitative brain imaging since the early days of clinical NMR. He was the first to measure in-vivo concentrations of metabolites, and to use dynamic imaging to measure blood-brain barrier permeability and extra-cellular space in multiple sclerosis.