Phytoplankton Productivity

Carbon Assimilation in Marine and Freshwater Ecosystems

by Peter J. le B. Williams, David N. Thomas,

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This landmark publication takes the 50th anniversary of the publication of the seminal paper by the Danish scientist, Einer Steemann Nielsen, as an occasion to assess the development, present state and future of the major aspects in freshwater and marine plankton productivity. Each chapter of this important work has been written by internationally-acknowledged experts in the subject, and the whole has been carefully drawn together and edited to provide a book that is an essential tool and reference for all aquatic scientists.

The book takes ascending temporal and spatial size scale as its framework - covering molecular to geological scales. Chapters include reviews of physiology and biochemistry, measurement of phytoplankton productivity, the supply and uptake of nutrients, variability in processes and production, the evolution of the carbon cycle, and ecosystems. The subject is set in context with a chapter covering the work of Steemann Nielsen, whose work inspired the last 50 years of aquatic productivity studies. Historical aspects are discussed together with thought-provoking assessments of modern technological approaches and where future research emphasis should be focussed.

Phytoplankton Productivity provides, in one book, cutting edge reviews and key facts on the subject, making it a vital information source for marine and freshwater biologists, oceanographers, ecologists, environmental scientists and plant scientists. Copies should also be available in libraries of any research establishment and university as a reference for students, wherever these subjects are studied and taught.

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  • Internationally recognised editors and contributors.
  • A landmark publication in marine and freshwater biology.
  • All major aspects covered in a clear and consise reader-friendly manner.
  • Invaluable for all those working in aquatic sciences.
  • Book will be launched to coincide with major international conference. For details see
  • Wiley; April 2008
  • ISBN 9781405150934
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  • Title: Phytoplankton Productivity
  • Author: Peter J. le B. Williams (ed.); David N. Thomas (ed.); Colin S. Reynolds (ed.)
  • Imprint: Wiley-Blackwell
Subject categories
  • 1405150939
  • 9780632057115
  • 9781405150934

About The Author

Peter Williams and David Thomas are at the School of Ocean Sciences, University of Wales, Bangor, UK. Colin Reynolds is at the Centre for Ecology and Hydrology, Windermere, UK.

Subject categories
  • 1405150939
  • 9780632057115
  • 9781405150934