Applied Nonlinear Time Series Analysis

Applications In Physics, Physiology And Finance


Nonlinear time series methods have developed rapidly over a quarter of a century and have reached an advanced state of maturity during the last decade. Implementations of these methods for experimental data are now widely accepted and fairly routine; however, genuinely useful applications remain rare. This book focuses on the practice of applying these methods to solve real problems.
To illustrate the usefulness of these methods, a wide variety of physical and physiological systems are considered. The technical tools utilized in this book fall into three distinct, but interconnected areas: quantitative measures of nonlinear dynamics, Monte–Carlo statistical hypothesis testing, and nonlinear modeling. Ten highly detailed applications serve as case studies of fruitful applications and illustrate the mathematical techniques described in the text.
  • World Scientific Publishing Company; January 2005
  • ISBN 9789814481229
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  • Title: Applied Nonlinear Time Series Analysis
  • Author: Michael Small
  • Imprint: World Scientific