Materials with Internal Structure

Multiscale and Multifield Modeling and Simulation


The book presents a series of concise papers by researchers specialized in various fields of continuum and computational mechanics and of material science. The focus is on principles and strategies for multiscale modeling and simulation of complex heterogeneous materials, with periodic or random microstructure, subjected to various types of mechanical, thermal, chemical loadings and environmental effects. A wide overview of complex behavior of materials (plasticity, damage, fracture, growth, etc.) is provided. Among various approaches, attention is given to advanced non-classical continua modeling which, provided by constitutive characterization for the internal and external actions (in particular boundary conditions), is a very powerful frame for the gross mechanical description of complex material behaviors, able to circumvent the restrictions of classical coarse–graining multiscale approaches.
  • Springer International Publishing; October 2015
  • ISBN 9783319214948
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  • Title: Materials with Internal Structure
  • Author: Patrizia Trovalusci (ed.)
  • Imprint: Springer

About The Author

Patrizia Trovalusci (PhD, MSc), Full Professor of ‘Solids and Structural Mechanics’.

Author of about 140 publications in peer-reviewed scientific journals, books, conference proceedings and reports on: non-classical continua; multiscale modelling, masonry materials and structures; composites; plasticity theory, non-standard limit analysis; non-linear finite element analysis; structural architecture.

Member of several scientific committees  (ICCM16; AIMETA15; ICSA2016-13;  CSMA2013; THERMEC2011-09-06) and organizer of international symposia/sessions on: “Multiscale and Multiphysics Modelling for Complex Materials” (8 editions, within international conferences: ICCM, WCCM, ECCOMAS, ECCM, THERMEC); “Mechanics of Interfaces and Evolving Microstructures” (1, EMMC); “History of Mechanics” (1, GAMM); “On the “Tectonics" in Architecture: between Aesthetics and Ethics” (4, ICSA). Organizer and lecturer of advanced courses:”Multiscale Modelling of Complex Materials”, CISM; “Masonry Constructions. Seismic Safety, Conservation”, Sapienza Doctoral School of Engineering and Architecture. Member of the Board of Directors of CISTeC and of the Academic Board of the PhD Program in Structural Engineering. 

Guest editor of international journal special issues (4); editor of  Springer volumes (2). Member of the editorial boards of international journals: J. Civil Engn. Sci.; ISRN Mech. Engn. J. Reviewer for tens of international journals and books; for scientific evaluation committees (ERC Advanced Grants, other).

Coordinator of several funded research projects (University La Sapienza). Coordinator of PRIN2010-11 Sapienza Unit.

Coordinator of Bachelor Degree’s Courses: “Science of Architecture”; “Techniques of Architecture and Construction”; “Restoration and Conservation of Monuments”. Sapienza, School of Architecture.

Teacher of solid and structural mechanics, statics, behaviour of masonry materials in historical structures'; Coordinator of the ”Atelier of Ecological Islands and Recycling Centres”.