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The Heir

The Heir by Tara Manderino
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When Amelia stumbles on an amnesiac and barely alive Sebastian while out gathering herbs, she never suspects the changes the discovery will bring to her comfortable country life.

In helping Sebastian reclaim his memory, Amelia takes him to the spot where she first found him.

While the memory he gains is not a clear one, there is a niggling familiarity to it. In showing him about the area, Amelia steps into a rabbit hole and twists her ankle. Sebastian insists on carrying her back to the cottage, triggering a series of events, including one where Amelia’s father insists the household move to Town. Amelia seizes it as the perfect opportunity to search beyond the small village for a wife for her father.

Once in London, going about in society is not a simple affair with the various matters they must all step around: Sebastian working to reclaim his birthright, and Amelia and her father taking their place in the society they left behind.

As Amelia continues her search for a wife for her father, Sebastian maintains with his task of reclaiming what is his. Sebastian meets up with his friends, and relies on them for advice and information.

Matters are further complicated when Amelia and her father, for different reasons, encourage Sebastian to pay increased attention to Charlotte. Sebastian does so because he owes the family a debt of gratitude, but his interests lie elsewhere.

As Sebastian regains his memory, he realizes that claiming his title and estates outright would leave the interloper free and much more dangerous than he has been in the past.

Awe-Struck Publishing; April 2006
228 pages; ISBN 9781587495618
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Title: The Heir
Author: Tara Manderino
What the hell? Sebastian pulled her hard toward him so that her back smacked against the front of him with enough force that he had to catch his breath. “Shh…Amelia, it is Sebastian.” She no longer screamed, but she fought his hold on her. Realizing his hold was part of the problem Sebastian immediately released her. When she fought free of his grasp he saw the torn sleeve of her gown, hanging from the shoulder and exposing her skin. What looked like red scratch marks marred the whiteness. Sebastian felt anger rise in him, but he pushed it down. He had no idea what had actually happened. By now, she must have realized there was no danger. She stood there, looking at Sebastian with wide eyes, her breaths coming in desperate gasps as if she had run a long distance. “I am sorry.” She said simply, her voice breaking as she still gasped for air. “I did not see you there.” ‘You did not hear me either,” Sebastian said. He kept his voice even, but he could feel his blood turning hot. Something had definitely frightened her. He moved closer to her. She flinched, but did not move away. He wondered why he should get that reaction from her now, after all this time that she had known him He jutted his chin toward her torn gown. “What happened?” She looked down at the ground, and used one hand to hold the torn sleeve in place. “Nothing. Thank you for asking.” Her voice was cool and she might have been talking to a stranger. Sebastian moved closer, but she pushed past him and practically ran to the house. Sebastian was there before she could open the door, “Amelia,” he made his voices firm as he could and hoped that he would not startle her further. “Tell me what happened.” “Nothing, Sebastian. Nothing.” She simply stood there and waited for him to move from the door so that she could enter. After she had gone, he slammed his palm against the doorframe. Something most certainly had happened, but he had no idea what, and he was not in position to protect her.