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Beyond Peaceful Coexistence

The Emergence of Space, Time and Quantum

Beyond Peaceful Coexistence by Ignazio Licata
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"It may be that a real synthesis of quantum and relativity theories requires not just technical developments but radical conceptual renewal."

J S Bell

Beyond Peaceful Coexistence: The Emergence of Space, Time and Quantum brings together leading academics in mathematics and physics to address going beyond the 'peaceful coexistence' of space-time descriptions (local and continuous ones) and quantum events (discrete and non-commutative ones). Formidable challenges waiting beyond the Standard Model require a new semantic consistency within the theories in order to build new ways of understanding, working and relating to them. The original A. Shimony meaning of the peaceful coexistence (the collapse postulate and non-locality) appear to be just the tip of the iceberg in relation to more serious fundamental issues across physics as a whole.

Chapters in this book present perspectives on emergent, discrete, geometrodynamic and topological approaches, as well as a new interpretative spectrum of quantum theories after Copenhagen, discrete time theories, time-less approaches and 'super-fluid' pictures of space-time.

As well as stimulating further research among established theoretical physicists, the book can also be used in courses on the philosophy and mathematics of theoretical physics.

  • Foreword (Gerard 't Hooft)
  • From Peaceful Coexistence to Co-Emergence (Ignazio Licata)
  • The Algebraic Way (B J Hiley)
  • Fermi Blobs and the Symplectic Camel: A Geometric Picture of Quantum States (Maurice A de Gosson)
  • Space–Time in Quantum Gravity: Does Space–Time have Quantum Properties? (Reiner Hedrich)
  • Introduction to the Quantum Theory of Elementary Cycles (Donatello Dolce)
  • Observers and Reality (George Jaroszkiewicz)
  • The Stability of Physical Theories Principle (R Vilela Mendes)
  • Factory of Realities: On the Emergence of Virtual Spatiotemporal Structures (Romàn R Zapatrin)
  • Space–Time from Topos Quantum Theory (Cecilia Flori)
  • From Born Reciprocity to Reciprocal Relativity: A Paradigm for Space–Time Physics (Peter Jarvis)
  • On Non-Equilibrium Thermodynamics of Space–Time and Quantum Gravity (Joakim Munkhammar)
  • World Crystal Model of Gravity (Hagen Kleinert)
  • Quantum Features of Natural Cellular Automata (Hans-Thomas Elze)
  • Structurally Dynamic Cellular Networks as Models for Planck-Scale Physics and the Quantum Vacuum (Manfred Requardt)
  • On a Time–Space Operator (and other Non-Self-adjoint Operators) for Observables in QM and QFT (Erasmo Recami, Michel Zamboni-Rached and Ignazio Licata)
  • Emergent Space–Time (George Chapline)
  • The Idea of a Stochastic Space–Time: Theory and Experiments (M Consoli and A Pluchino)
  • ... And Kronos Ate His Sons (Giuseppe Vitiello)
  • The Emergence of Space–Time: Transactions and Causal Sets (Ruth E Kastner)
  • An Adynamical, Graphical Approach to Quantum Gravity and Unification (W M Stuckey, Michael Silberstein and Timothy McDevitt)
  • Is Bohr's Challenge Still Relevant? (Leonardo Chiatti)
  • In and out of the screen. On Some New Considerations about Localization and Delocalization in Archaic Theory (Ignazio Licata)
  • Schrödinger–Milne Big Bang — Creating a "Universe of Threeness" (Geoffrey F Chew)
  • Quantized Fields à la Clifford and Unification (Matej Pavšič)
  • Non-commutative Einstein, almost Kähler–Finsler and Quantum Deformations (Sergiu I Vacaru)

Readership: Theoretical physicists and graduate students in the fields of philosophy and mathematics of theoretical physics.
Key Features:
  • Chapters written by leading academics in mathematical and theoretical physics
  • Disseminates expert views on a 'hot topic' in current theoretical physics
  • Demonstrates a multitude of theories, combined with the most innovative and current ideas in mathematics
  • Has potential advanced course use and suitable as an academic reference
World Scientific Publishing Company; March 2016
741 pages; ISBN 9781783268337
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Title: Beyond Peaceful Coexistence
Author: Ignazio Licata; G 't Hooft