Summary of Journey to Munich

by Jacqueline Winspear | Includes Analysis


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  • 9781683783251

Summary of Journey to Munich by Jacqueline Winspear | Includes Analysis


Journey to Munich is the twelfth novel in Jacqueline Winspear’s Maisie Dobbs series. Set in 1938, the novel tells the story of private agent Maisie Dobbs’s dangerous mission to Munich to recover a British citizen who has been imprisoned by Hitler’s Third Reich.

Maisie has just returned to London from Spain, where she served as a nurse in the Spanish Civil War. There she tended to the wounded, losing herself in service in the wake of her husband James’s death in an airplane crash. Now Maisie must begin her life again.

On a walk around Fitzroy Square, Maisie is approached by British Secret Service agents Robert MacFarlane and Brian Huntley, who have a new mission for her. They explain that Leon Donat, an engineer, inventor, and businessman, is being held at Dachau, a prison camp near Munich. Allegedly Donat gave money to a young journalist, Ulli Bader, to help fund…

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Subject categories
  • 9781683783251
Subject categories
  • 9781683783251