Creating Google Chrome Extensions


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Transform your existing web applications into Google Chrome browser extensions and create brand new extensions that improve your own browsing experience and that of your users. This book shows you how Google Chrome browser extensions are extremely useful tools for enhancing the functionality of the Google Chrome web browser. For example, you can create extensions to summarize the current page you are reading, or to save all of the images in the page you are browsing. They have access to almost all of the features provided by the Google Chrome browser, and they can encapsulate such features in the form of a bundled application providing targeted functionality to users. Extensions also run in a sandboxed environment, making them secure – which is a huge plus in the modern web!

The APIs provided by the Chrome Extensions framework help you empower web applications by coupling them with amazing features provided by the Google Chrome web browser, such as bookmarks, history, tabs, actions, storage, notifications, search, and a lot more – facilitating increased productivity on the Google Chrome web browser.

What You Will Learn:
  • Transform your web application ideas into Google Chrome Extensions.
  • Choose the recommended components for creating your kind of extension.
  • Leverage the power of a Google Chrome browser by making use of the extensions API.
  • Showcase your existing web-development skills in a modern way by creating useful extensions.
Who This Book is For

Existing web developers, experienced in creating simple web pages (using HTML, CSS, and JavaScript), to help them create browser extensions for Google Chrome. After understanding the examples and lessons in this book, you will be able to transform your existing web applications into Google Chrome browser extensions, as well as create brand new extensions.
  • Apress; June 2016
  • ISBN 9781484217757
  • Read online, or download in secure PDF format
  • Title: Creating Google Chrome Extensions
  • Author: Prateek Mehta
  • Imprint: Apress
Subject categories
  • 9781484217740
  • 9781484217757

In The Press

“The book is really compact – 162 pages, 4 chapters. It starts from the very beginning of extensions, the AB and C. … The book gives 100% of its source code available for free in the site of If I have to summarize – the book is well written and it got my interest into Chrome extensions.” (Vitosh Academy,, August, 2016)

About The Author

Prateek Mehta holds a B.Tech. degree in information technology engineering from the Indraprastha University, New Delhi. He is a web and game developer, and is currently working full-time as a Unity3D game developer, at MetaDesign Solutions, Gurgaon. He finds developing Chrome extensions really fun, because he considers extensions as the best possible way to enhance our browsing experiences. Prateek resides in the lovely city of Dwarka, in south west Delhi. When not doing technical things, he works as a freelance music instructor. He spends his spare time playing Counter-Strike, “de_dust2”, and “de_inferno” are his favorite maps, where he is busy sniping with his AWP. On StackOverflow, he has a keen interest in answering questions tagged under “css”, “javascript”, “php”, “unity3d”, and “opengl-es-2.0”.

He is the lead-author of Learn OpenGL ES (Apress, 2013).