History of Law in Japan since 1868


This handbook volume traces the development of Japan’s feudal legal system into that of a modern type of a state, covering the period from the beginning of modernization in1886 to the end of the Pacific War, and, beyond that, the period of reorientation (1945-1950) and thereafter. Each author follows closely the development of a main branch of the legal system, describing the path of a legal institution progressing through a semi-feudalistic period, the introduction of western views, as well as the coexistence and mixture of essentially Japanese and European or American notions at the same time.

A careful analysis of Japan’s dealings with its legal system through a time of unprecedented change, and therefore a must for historians and jurists alike.

  • BRILL; November 2004
  • ISBN 9789004131644
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  • Title: History of Law in Japan since 1868
  • Author: Wilhelm Röhl (ed.)
  • Imprint: BRILL