A history of Australian Indigenous Housing


What were houses like for Aboriginal Australians living in rural Western Australian in the 1960s, Redfern, Sydney and Launceston, Tasmania in the 1970s, in Central Australia in the 1980s, in outback New South Wales in the 1990s?

This book encompasses the history of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Housing – from the shelters used prior to European settlement to the cottages built by Victorian missionaries, to children’s dormitory to the compound and its terrors of disease and overcrowding. Gendered housing, family-friendly prisons, self-built houses, government policy and programs, and advanced designs for health and durability are also discussed. It also argues that housing for Aboriginal people up until 1967 was primarily aimed at resocialisation and acculturation rather than providing shelter and a home.

  • Aboriginal Studies Press; January 2000
  • ISBN 9780855755607
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  • Title: Settlement
  • Author: Peter Read (ed.)
  • Imprint: Aboriginal Studies Press