Origins of the Knife

Early Encounters with the History of Surgery


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1. Personal Reflections
The Life of the Knife

2. Primitive Times
The First Traces of the Knife

3. Mesopotamia–The Fertile Crescent
Attempts at Controlling the Knife: The Hammurabi Code

4. Egypt of the Pharaohs
Writings on the First Surgical Cases: The Recognition of the Knife

5. Hindu Tradition
The World of Sushrupta Samhita: Another View of the Knife

6. Ancient China
A Land of Unrealized Expectations

7. Greek Civilization
A Rational Approach to Medicine: A Defined Role of the Knife

8. Early Roman Times before Galen
Following Greek Principles: The Greco-Roman Knife

9. Galen’s Roman Times
High Expectations of the Knife

10. Close of an Era

  • Landes Bioscience; November 2006
  • ISBN 9781570597473
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  • Title: Origins of the Knife
  • Author: Luis H. Toledo-Pereyra
  • Imprint: Landes Bioscience
Subject categories
  • 1570597472
  • 9781570596940
  • 9781570597473