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Real Kicking

Real Kicking by Geoff Thompson
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The realities of kicking in the street scenario are unveiled once and for all in this concise, professional and down-to-earth book. Geoff Thompson’s extensively illustrated manual takes you step by step through all the moves and techniques needed to become competent in the kicking arts. These techniques can be used to complement other forms of martial arts, or used alone in close range self defence.
Summersdale Publishers Ltd.; Read online
Title: Real Kicking
Author: Geoff Thompson
I would like to start by thanking you, the reader for buying (or if you’ve borrowed it, thank you for reading) this book. It is said that small libraries make great men, I admire anyone who takes the time to read what a fellow martial artist (or human being for that matter) has got to say. If anyone is offended by my comments on the art of kicking please accept my apologies now before we start - sometimes insults are an inadvertent byproduct in books of this genre. My intention is never to offend, only to educate. Anyone who has read my previous works will know that I’m not a great fan of kicking for the street scenario, and mostly this is where my speciality lies. Some may even say that I am derogatory to the kicker, but that has never been my intention. Honesty, though, sometimes has a way of appearing offensive, especially if it hits close to home. It is my opinion that kicking is the weakest of the main artillery ranges (kicking, punching, grappling), of this I have absolutely no doubt. The pivotal factor with this rather controversial point is not whether kicks are or are not employable, it is whether or not we have the distance to employ them. Nine times out of ten we do not. The majority of confrontational situations happen at a range of about 18 inches, or conversation distance, this being punching range. If mismanaged, punching range quickly degenerates into grappling range and then to ground fighting. A good puncher who understands ‘street speak’ will enter dialogue, control dialogue and employ a pre-emptive strike that will end the altercation at the same range. This book is based on nine years of experience working with and controlling violence and violent people. It is also based on over 300 street fights (250 of those were with my ex wife). I have worked the doors with some of the best kickers in the country, probably the world, and we have all reached the same conclusion (some of us learnt the hard way): there is very little room in the REAL world for kicking technique. Then why write a book on kicking? Because a chain is only as strong as its weakest link. If that link is your kicking ability then you are only as strong as that. To be a complete martial artist you must know all ranges, after all you cannot destroy what you cannot create. If you only ever employ kicking technique once in your lifetime in a real fight and it works for you, then it will have been worth it. Kicking is an effective art if kept in context, i.e. used as part of the support system rather than as an initiating, attacking tool. Kicks are best used in one of four ways: 1) If you are outside of punching range and find that there is a large gap between you and your attacker (there very rarely is) kicks may be used to bridge that gap, even then the understanding should be that the feet are being utilised to set up the hands. 2) Short range kicks can sometimes be used whilst inside vertical grappling range to weaken an opponent before throwing him, or using sweeping kicks from the same range. 3) In the rare circumstance of engagement in a ‘square go’ on the common, kicking can become effective for taking a boxer or grappler to his or her weaker range. 4) Kicking technique is an unparalleled ‘finisher’ when employed on a falling or felled opponent.

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