Listening for Information - Book 2

by Graeme Beals,

Actively listening for information is an essential skill for all students and is one that needs to be developed and practiced - it doesn't just happen.

The exercises in this three book series require the listener to actively listen for information in each story and show that they have understood and processed this information by adding information onto the picture that accompanies each story. Students may need to add color to the picture or stripes to a sweater or they may need to add into the picture an item that is referred to in the story but not included in the picture. Some of the information is referred to in the story directly eg Sally had brown hair, other information is woven into the text and requires students to really listening carefully to identify and process it.

For each picture (24 per book)  there are two stories or set of instructions at two levels of difficulty so each picture can be used twice. The exercises in each book increase in difficulty through the book and through the series. These exercises can also be used for reading comprehension - instead of the story being read to the students the students can read the story themselves and complete the picture.

These exercises will make your students skillful at listening and 'hearing' information actively. Get started today.

  • Curriculum Concepts; May 2007
  • ISBN 9781877212505
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  • Title: Listening for Information - Book 2
  • Author: Graeme Beals; Jane Beals
  • Imprint: Curriculum Concepts