Create Your Ideal Body

A Breakthrough Easy, Natural Way to Lose Weight


The secret to this life changing system is changing your attitude towards your eating - it's called “Create Your Ideal Body” and it doesn't involve special exercise routines or special eating formulas or any drugs, natural or otherwise. It also involves the power of intention, mindful eating, support, and a bit more - none of which are difficult, costly, stressful or time consuming. The real difference in this program and others is that they don't focus much on the attitudes of people towards eating and being overweight. That's why you get the roller coaster ride effect. But with our system, we work on the root problems that cause you to eat incorrectly and sometimes out of control. This program helps you to overcome the real cause of your eating habits and it naturally allows you to find your best weight.
  • Electronic & Database Publishing, Inc.; January 1900
  • ISBN 9780972852715
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  • Title: Create Your Ideal Body
  • Author: Terri Levine
  • Imprint: Electronic & Database Publishing, Inc.