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First Aid Guide and Home Doctor

Instructions, Techniques, and Emergency Phone Numbers

First Aid Guide and Home Doctor by MobileReference
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An illustrated survival guide with step-by-step instructions, a world-wide list of emergency phone numbers, first aid techniques, and detailed description of what-to-do in over 60 medical emergency conditions.FREE Basic First Aid, First Aid Techniques, and Bites Chapter in the trial.
Intended for everyone interested in first aid. No previous knowledge of medicine is necessary.

Fully illustrated.
Detailed explanations of CPR, rescue breathing and other first aid techniques.
Comprehensive step-by-step description of what-to-do in over 60 medical conditions.
Warning signs of heart attack, stroke and other medical conditions are discussed.
Special sections on wound treatments, wilderness, diver rescue and more.
Illustrated human anatomy chapter.
Always have the guide available for a quick reference.
Consult the guide during an emergency or read it at leisure.
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Table of Contents
Basic First Aid: 1. Survey the scene | 2. Survey the patient | 3. Call for emergency services
Secondary survey: Introduction | 1. Interview the victim | 2. Vitals | 3. Head-to-toe examination
Conditions that require first aid
Bites: Insect and animal bites and stings | Snakebite | Spider bite | Removing an insect in the ear canal
Bleeding: Hemorrhage (heavy bleeding) | Nosebleed | Wounds
Bone: Bone fracture | Spinal/neck injury
Breathing: Altitude sickness | Anaphylaxis (constriction of airways) | Asthma | Choking | Diver rescue | Hyperventilation and anxiety | Sucking chest wound (Pneumothorax)
Cold and flu: Common cold | Flu | Fever | Fever convulsions (febrile seizures)
Diabetes: Hyperglycemia (diabetic coma) | Hypoglycemia (insulin shock)
Head: Fainting | Head Injury | Migraine | Stroke | Anxiety attacks and nervousness
Heat and cold: Heat stroke | Heat syncope | Hypothermia (low body temperature) | Frostbite | Blisters
Internal organs: Appendicitis | Heart attack | Heart failure | Gastrointestinal bleeding
Loss of consciousness: Convulsion (Seizure ) | Fainting | Head Injury | Heart attack | Poisoning | Stroke | Shock | Spinal/neck injury
Muscle: Bruise | Convulsion (Seizure ) | Cramps | Muscle Strain | Sprain
Pain: Appendicitis | Chest Pain | Heartburn | Migraine | Toothache
Poisoning: Poison control center | Poisoning | Food Poisoning | Carbon Monoxide | Carbon Dioxide | Poison-ivy and poison-oak | Overdose from drugs | Heroin Overdose | Cocaine Intoxication | Vomiting
Skin: Blisters | Bruise | Burns | Wounds
Women only: Normal Childbirth | Childbirth - emergency delivery | Miscarriage | Elective abortion
First Aid Techniques: Artificial respiration | Cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) | Auscultation | First Aid Kit | Occlusive dressing | Oxygen first aid | Pulse | Recovery Position | Triage | Tourniquet | Sub-abdominal thrusts (Heimlich Maneuver)
Human Anatomy: Heart | Lung | ... Immune System
Emergency Telephone Numbers: Africa | Australasia | Asia | Europe | North America | South America | Middle East | Mobile telephones | Use of emergency numbers | Configuration and operation | Poison control center | History; January 2007
ISBN 9781605010953
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Title: First Aid Guide and Home Doctor
Author: MobileReference