Integrated Team Working

Music Therapy as part of Transdisciplinary and Collaborative Approaches

by Rachel Darnley-Smith, Alison Barrington, Karen Twyford, Roseanne Tyas, Ann Sloboda, Ann Woodward, Sally Watson, Tessa Watson, Paula Hedderly, Wendy Magee, Jackie Lindeck, Claire Molyneux, Claire Miller, Rachel Millman, Rebecca O'Connor, Nicky O'Neill, Julie Sutton,

Integrated Team Working describes collaborative multidisciplinary approaches and demonstrates that they can be valuable methods of music therapy intervention.

The authors explain the development of the music therapist's role within the multidisciplinary team and discuss the prevalence of collaborative partnerships between UK music therapists and other professionals such as occupational therapists, speech and language therapists, psychologists, physiotherapists and other arts therapists. They examine the rationale, purpose and application of collaborative approaches and explore how and why music therapists adopt these approaches at differing levels. The book includes case studies from a variety of clinical settings, which illustrate the creative and innovative approaches used in transdisciplinary work in the evolving discipline of music therapy.

This theoretical and practical guide offers useful advice for music therapy students and professionals who wish to employ collaborative approaches. It will also be helpful for other professionals who are considering or already working together with music therapists.

  • Jessica Kingsley Publishers; April 2008
  • ISBN 9781846427862
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  • Title: Integrated Team Working
  • Author: Rachel Darnley-Smith (contrib.); Alison Barrington (contrib.); Karen Twyford (ed.); Roseanne Tyas (contrib.); Ann Sloboda (contrib.); Ann Woodward (contrib.); Sally Watson (contrib.); Tessa Watson (ed.); Paula Hedderly (contrib.); Wendy Magee (contrib.); Jackie Lindeck (contrib.); Claire Molyneux (contrib.); Claire Miller (contrib.); Rachel Millman (contrib.); Rebecca O'Connor (contrib.); Nicky O'Neill (contrib.); Julie Sutton (contrib.); Maria Radoje (contrib.)
  • Imprint: Jessica Kingsley Publishers

In The Press

Karen Twyford and Tessa Watson have produced a superbly crafted book about the practicalities of team approaches in music therapy with a range of client groups. The book presents a clear and engaging message about current practices in integrated team working. It is particularly helpful that the vast literature on team working in health and education is reviewed along with a presentation of the historical development of team work structures in the United Kingdom. Government policy pertaining to the requirement for team interactions and structures is presented, and eighteen case examples of practitioners' experiences of team working are incorporated... There are two main strengths to this book. The first is that various types of team work are clearly elaborated in descriptions in the introductory chapter. This overview is a wonderful resource for music therapists, offering them opportunities to reflect on their own context and to consider the type of team in which they work (or perhaps aspire to work). The second strength is the practitioner contributions represented in their observations of the unique role of the music therapist. I was touched by the way in which other therapists were prepared to share their uncertainty about working with music, and impressed by their commitment to finding a way to be present in sessions with the music therapist. The editors have taken pains to balance the voices represented in these cases of integrated team working: no one perspective dominates. This demonstrates the expert capacity of the editors for a team work approach to the task of writing and editing this book.