Facebook Marketing

Leverage Social Media to Grow Your Business


Facebook Marketing: Leverage Social Media to Grow Your Business

Profit from Facebook!

High-Impact, Low-Cost Social Marketing That Works!


With more than 80,000,000 affluent, savvy members, Facebook is today’s fastest-growing marketing opportunity! But traditional marketing methods won’t work here. In Facebook Marketing, best-selling author Steven Holzner reveals new social marketing techniques that do work, and shows you exactly how to make the most of them. Using true case studies, Holzner introduces powerful new techniques from today’s smartest Facebook marketers...and helps you avoid pitfalls that can cost you money and credibility. No matter what business you’re in, you’ll learn how to create bottom-up, “viral” Facebook marketing programs that achieve maximum results at minimum cost!

  • Crafting your Facebook profile for maximum impact
  • Getting into the Facebook community: crucial dos and don’ts
  • Joining the right Facebook Groups—or starting your own
  • Creating a Facebook blog that attracts paying customers
  • Promoting products and services with free Facebook Marketplace classifieds
  • Hosting your own Facebook events: from company picnics to concerts
  • Successfully advertising on Facebook, without overspending
  • Promoting your business within today’s most popular Facebook applications
  • Tracking the results of your advertising
  • Using brand-new viral video marketing techniques
  • Driving even more Web traffic to your Facebook pages
  • Building your own Facebook applications

Introduction 1


1 Targeting Your Profile 5

    Welcome to Facebook Marketing 5

    Welcome to Facebook 7

    Getting Started with Facebook 8

    The Profile Tab 12

        Across the Top 13

        The Search Bar 15

        Name, Photo, Networks, and Status 18

        The Mini-Feed Section 19

        The Friends and Friends in Other Networks Sections 19

        The Photos Section 21

        The Groups Section 23

        The Information Section 24

        The Education and Work Section 24

        The Gifts Section 25

        The Wall Section 25

        Editing Your Profile 25

        Setting Profile Privacy 27

    The Friends Tab 31

        Searching for Friends 31

        Managing Your Friends 33

        Creating Friend Lists 35

    The Inbox Tab 37

        Reading Messages 38

        Avoiding Spam 39

        Reading Notifications 39

        Composing Messages 40

    Getting Help 41


2 Facebook Groups 45

    Welcome to Facebook Groups 45

        Messaging Your Members 46

        A Word About Spam 46

    Joining Facebook Groups 47

        What Groups Are Available? 47

        Taking a Look at a Group 51

        How Do I Join a Group? 54

        Which Groups Can I Join? 54

    Creating Your Own Facebook Groups 55

        Creating Your Group 57

        Customizing Your Group 58

        Inviting Friends to Join Your Group 61

        Seeing Your New Group 65

    Managing Your New Group 67

        Deleting a Group 70


3 Creating Your Own Pages 71

    Welcome to Facebook Pages 71

    Pages from a Marketing Perspective 72

        Viral Marketing with Pages 73

        Page Authenticity 74

    Finding Pages 75

        Searching for Pages 76

        Browsing Pages by Type 78

        Browsing All Pages 79

    Becoming a Fan of a Page 80

    Examining a Page 83

    Sharing a Page 85

    Creating Your Own Page 88

    Examining Your New Page 92

    Editing Your Page 94

    Updating Your Fans 98

    Promoting Your Page 99


4 Hosting Your Own Facebook Events 101

    Welcome to Facebook Events 101

    All About Facebook Events 102

    Checking Out Your Friends’ Events 103

    Taking a Look at an Event 104

        The Information Section 106

        The Description Section 107

        The Other Information Section 109

        The Photos,Video, and Posted Items Section 109

        The Confirmed Guests Section 109

        The Other Invites Section 109

        The Wall 110

        The Event Type and Admins Section 110

    Adding an Event to Your Event List 110

    Browsing for Events 113

    Searching for Events 113

    Creating an Event 115

    Customizing an Event 117

        Uploading the Image for the Event 118

        Setting Event Options 118

        Setting Event Access 119

        Inviting People to Your Event 119

    Seeing Your Event 122

    Managing and Publicizing Your Event 124

        Message All Guests 124

        Invite People to Come 124

        Edit Event 126


5 Introducing Advertising 129

    Welcome to Advertising 129

    News Feed Advertising with Posted Items 131

        Posting Items from External Sites 131

        Posting Items from Facebook 134

        Posting Items with the Share on Facebook Button 135

        Posting Items from Partner Websites 135

        Deleting Posts 137

    Using Ads 139

        There Are Ads, and Then There Are Social Ads 139

        Cost Per Click or Cost Per Thousand? 141

        Bidding for Ad Presentation 141

    Creating an Ad 142

        Setting Up Your Account 142

        Starting Your Ad 143

        Choosing What to Advertise 144

        Choosing Your Audience 145

        Creating the Ad 147

        Setting the Budget for Your Ad 151

        Review Your Ad 153

        Congratulations 154


6 Optimizing and Monitoring Your Advertising 157

    Understanding Your Campaign 158

        Tuning the Number of Impressions 159

        Tuning the Click-Through Ratio 160

        Tuning the Average CPC 160

    Getting an Ad’s Daily Details 161

    Changing Your Ad’s Settings 163

        Changing Your Bid 163

        Changing Your Budget 163

        Pausing or Deleting Your Ad 164

    Modifying Your Ad 164

    Checking Your Billing 166

        Your Daily Spending Limit 166

        Integrated Solutions 167

    Exporting Your Campaign’s Performance 168

    Using Campaign Insights for Pages 170

        Page Views 171

        Unique Users 171

        Wall Posts 171

        Discussion Topics 171

        Reviews 171

        Photo Views 172

        Video Plays 172

    Optimizing for Your Target Audience 172

        Determining Your Target Audience Size 172

        Selecting Keywords 175

    Some Facebook Ad Facts 175

    Onsite or Offsite Landing Pages 176


7 Using the Marketplace 177

    Introducing the Marketplace 177

    Taking a Look at the Marketplace 178

        Marketplace Categories 178

        Looking at a Category 179

        Looking at an Ad 180

        Searching for Items 181

    Browsing Other Regions and Networks 182

    Creating a Listing 185

        Listing an Item for Sale 185

        Managing Your Listing 191

        Users Can List the Items They Want 193


8 Beacon, Polls, and Networks 199

    Introducing Beacon 199

    Introducing Facebook Polls 201

        All About Facebook Polls 202

        Targeting Your Poll 202

    Creating and Running a Poll 203

    Monitoring a Poll 205

    Getting the Demographics of Your Poll Respondents 207

    More Facts About Polls 208

    Using Facebook Network Pages 209

        Joining Networks 210

        Accessing Network Pages 212

        Posting on Network Pages 215

        Creating Your Own Networks 217


9 Facebook Applications 221

    Introducing Applications 221

        Extend Your Contacts 222

        Advertise Using Prebuilt Applications 222

        Have a Custom Application Developed 223

        Write Your Own Application 223

    Finding Facebook Applications 224

        Using the Facebook Application Directory 224

        Looking at an Application 227

        Adding an Application 227

        Managing Your Applications 230

    Using Prebuilt Applications 237

        Advertising in Prebuilt Facebook Applications 237

        Gaining Exposure Through Apps 241

    Having Custom Apps Developed 242


10 Developing Your Own Applications 245

    Creating a New Application 245

        Writing the Game 246

        Creating the Begin Function 247

        Creating the Guess Function 247

        Testing the Game 249

        Installing the Developer Facebook Application 250

        Using the Developer Application 251

        Converting the Game into a Facebook Application 253

        Filling out the Application Configuration Form 253

        Installing and Testing the Game 257

    Working with the Facebook API 259

    Facebook and Developers 263


Index 265

  • Pearson Education; August 2008
  • ISBN 9780768686241
  • Read online
  • Title: Facebook Marketing
  • Author: Steven Holzner
  • Imprint: Que Publishing

About The Author

Steven Holzner is the award-winning author of 112 books and has been a contributing editor at PC Magazine. His books have sold three million copies and have been translated into 18 languages.He specializes in web topics such as Facebook. He has been marketing his own companies on the Web for years, using marketplace experience; banner ads; Google,Yahoo!, and MSN pay-per-click campaigns; viral marketing; Usenet marketing; and more. He’s a web entrepreneur and has three online companies, which keep him busy.