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Jenny by Erica Celeste
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Who ever said life was easy? Jenny certainly didn’t. Jenny is so overwhelmed by fear and guilt, she finds it hard to draw a sane breath from one day to the next. Robert, a caring pilot who has fallen deeply in love with Jenny, will do anything in his power to make her happy. Even though he’s perplexed by this secretive woman who refuses to even give him her last name, Robert loves her with all his heart. But Robert has his own grief to bear. As he tries to find out who Jenny is and why she is so fearful of him, he struggles with the grief of the loss of his father and sister. But even though he needs Jenny’s comfort, he is more concerned about giving Jenny whatever support she needs to see her way through the storm that is clearly ruining her life. Against a background of strong supporting characters, this love story will tear at your heart. It’s life as we know it: real, demanding, tragic, and intense. But Robert will not be defeated by Jenny’s demons that come between them. Little does he realize he will have to give her his soul, and more, before they can finally find the happiness they both so richly deserve.
Awe-Struck Publishing; October 2008
151 pages; ISBN 9781587496882
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Title: Jenny
Author: Erica Celeste
This is a wasted trip. When I get to the lake, he won’t be there. She felt tears suddenly well up behind her sunglasses. Jenny turned off Highway 30 where the sign said, "Eagle Point Lake and Dam". "You still with me Bo?" Jenny glanced back at the little yellow trailer. She drove across the dam, then down a long road that lead to the Cherry Cove fishing dock. He’s there! She saw him wave. He’s smiling! "Well, you’re right on time," he said cheerfully as she brought her scooter to a stop in front of him. "I-I knew you would be on time, so the least I could do would be to accommodate," she said, her voice trembling with relief. Robert stepped to her, put his arms around her and squeezed her until her eyes nearly popped out. "I think you missed me," she gasped. He felt so good against her. He smelled of aftershave and soap, and she felt sinfully pleasured with his mere closeness. "I’ve missed you terribly, Jenny." He tipped her face up to his and caught her lips in a soft kiss. Her mouth parted, inviting him in. He outlined her lips with his tongue, tasting her, drinking her in. Then he probed tentatively, until she welcomed him and their faces were welded together in a steaming heat. She gasped for air, then broke the kiss. "Robert! Too fast, too fast!" she gasped as she twisted away. "Sorry, sorry," Robert apologized as he let go of her. "So sorry." She embraced him, again, not wanting him to leave her completely. "That’s okay, Robert. You just surprised me. I thought...I thought I had you all figured out and then you surprise me like this. This new aggressive you will take some getting used to." "You like the new aggressive me?" he asked, a smile of satisfaction on his boyish face. "I think so. But you have to move a little slower, Robert." He took her hand. "I have a much better idea. Let’s take our poles down to the dock and see where that takes us. There’s no hurry. We have the rest of our lives." He grinned. The rest of our lives? "Sorry again, Jenny. I can see I scared you." He kissed her cheek. "I get overenthusiastic sometimes." A low whine made them look up. "I’ll get him," Robert said. Robert let Bo out of the trailer. Then he got the poles and bait box from the little Mini Cooper while Jenny fastened the leash line to Bo’s collar. She took her purse from the saddlebags and put the purse strap over her shoulder. "Love that purse don’t you?" Robert said, grinning. "We all have our vices," she murmured. "Okay," Robert said, "now that we have everything," comically emphasizing the word ‘everything’ to point out Jenny’s love for her purse, "let’s move out." They started across the grass, poles bobbing, tackle box chuckling with loose fishhooks and bobbers, and Bo sniffing for potty spots. "You’ll have to bait my hooks, Robert," Jenny said slowly, as if she were almost dreading his reaction. "Why?" Robert asked innocently as they headed for the dock. "Because I can’t stand to put live bait on a hook." "Why?" Robert asked again. "Because I can’t stand to kill anything. And I can’t stand it when they squirm. So...will you bait my hooks?" she asked as she looked at him from the corner of her eye. "Nope." He grinned devilishly. "Then I guess I won’t be fishing today," she said petulantly. Robert laughed. They were on the dock, now. He opened the bait box and suddenly shoved it up to her face. "Surprise!" She screamed. Robert laughed. "Plastic worms," he chortled. "I can’t stand to bait hooks, either, so I brought plastic worms." He laughed until his sides ached. She grabbed the bait box and kissed him very hard on the lips.
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