Cortex and Mind

Unifying Cognition


1. Introduction; The Problem; Cognitive Networks: Theory; Cognitive Networks: Neuroscience; The Cognit

2. Neurobiology of Cortical Networks; Phylogeny of the Cortex; Ontogeny of the Cortex; Cognitive Network Formation; Extracortical Factors; Basic Structure of Cognitive Networks

3. Functional Architecture of the Cognit; Structure of Knowledge in Connectionist Models; Categories of Knowledge; Cortical Modularity; Cortical Hierarchy of Perceptual Networks; Cortical Hierarchy of Executive Networks; Heterarchical Representation in Association Cortex

4. Perception; Perceptual Categorization; Gestalt; Cortical Dynamics of Perception; Perceptual Binding; Perception-Action Cycle

5. Memory; Formation of Memory; Short-term Memory; Perceptual Memory; Executive Memory; Retrieval of Memory

6. Attention; Biological Roots of Attention; Perceptual Attention; Working Memory; Executive Attention; Set and Expectancy; Execution and Monitoring

7. Lanuage; Neurobiology of Language; Hemispheric Lateralization; Neuropsychology of Language; Functional Architecture of Semantics; Cortical Dynamics of Syntax

8. Intelligence; Development of Intelligence; Reasoning; Problem Solving; Decision Making; Creative Intelligence

Epilogue on Consciousness

  • Oxford University Press, USA; August 2005
  • ISBN 9780199731053
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  • Title: Cortex and Mind
  • Author: Joaquin M. Fuster
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