Studies in Contemporary Jewry

Volume VIII: A New Jewry? America Since the Second World War


The eighth volume of the acclaimed annual publication of the Institute of Contemporary Jewry at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, this volume focuses on the history and development of American Jewish life since World War II. Contributions include "A 'Golden Decade' for American Jews, 1945-1955" by Arthur A. Goren, "American Judaism: Changing Patterns in Denominational Self-Definition" by Arnold Eisen, "Value Added: Jews in Postwar American Culture" by Stephen J. Whitfield, "The Postwar Economy of American Jews" by Barry R. Chiswick, "Jewish Migration in Postwar America: The Case of Miami and Los Angeles" by Deborah Dash Moore, and "All in the Family: American Jewish Attachments to Israel" by Chaim Waxman. The volume also contains essays, book reviews, and a list of recent dissertations in the field.

In The Press

"Peter Medding has put together a rich mix of essays."--Jewish Chronicle
"This volume, like its companions, is a valuable resource for persons interested in a broad range of scholarship--historical, literary, intellectual, sociological--dealing with the Jewish experience of the past one-hundred years."--History: Review of New Books
"Volume VIII in the series on Studies in Contemporary Jews continues the pattern of excellence established by its predecessors. It is an intelligent, readable and informative work."--American Jewish History