Telecommunications in Europe


Telecommunications represents one of the largest high technology equipment and service industries in the world. Today there is growing support within the telecommunications industry for competition domestically and in world trade which is directly at odds with its distinctive political tradition of monopoly provision and minimally competitive international trade practices. This raises major questions, both for emerging public policy and for theorists concerned with the making of public policy. This particularly true for Europe, the focus of this study, where the reform of the telecommunications sector has proven one of the most vexing issues confronting the unification of the European Common Market. Noam's book is the first major attempt to address the complicated economic and policy issues of telecommunications in Europe. He provides a thorough discussion of the evolution of central telephone networks, equipment supply, new value-added networks, and new telecommunications-related services within the framework of a detailed country by country analysis. This highly accessible and comprehensive study will be of interest to students and professionals in the areas of communications, economics, and political science.
  • Oxford University Press; August 1992
  • ISBN 9780195361360
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  • Title: Telecommunications in Europe
  • Author: Eli Noam
  • Imprint: Oxford University Press

In The Press

"Telecommunications in Europe is a treasure of material and references written in clear language, and is of great value for anyone interested in telecommunications."--Hastings Communications and Entertainment Law Journal
"Exceedingly valuable as an information resource on European developments in telecommunications. It is written by an author with an idiosyncratic vision that provides many new insights to the reader."--Journal of Economic Literature
"A remarkable survey of telecommunications policy and regulation in Europe. This book will be essential reading."European Competition Law Review
"Noam provides a first rate presentation of the past and present regulations in the different countries. Combined with the extensive citations included in the appendices, this discussion is of great value to both lawyers and legal scholars....Telecommunications in Europe is a treasure of material and references written in clear language, and is of great value for anyone interested in telecommunications."--Comm/Ent
"Eli Noam has made an interesting and useful contribution to the European Community's telecommunications review process."--Telcommunications Policy