Hello, I Must Be Going

The Wallflower's Guide to Networking


Does the thought of walking into a roomful of complete strangers make you feel nauseous? Does the thought of having to actually strike up a conversation with one of them make your heart palpitate, your mouth go dry and knees wobble? Would you rather wave a piece of meat in a tank full of hungry sharks than sit at a table with new associates? Would you rather poke your eye out, present a hundred presentations and sell your soul to your evil boss than meet someone new? If this is you, then fear not for salvation is at hand! In this comprehensive, practical guide to networking, author Frances Kay reveals the secrets behind good, effective networking. She will help you navigate the seemingly scary waters of networking, relationship building and making contacts every step of the way. She will show you why relationship building is an integral part of our lives and how some of these relationships can help us move forward and upward in life. She provides practical tips and advice on where to go to network, what to wear, how to create a good first impression, how to read body language and how to engage people in small talk. Frances also imparts how we can maintain and keep our network and our contacts alive for a lifetime of rich and fulfilling relationships. So say goodbye to sitting on the sidelines of life, and release the networking extraordinaire in you!