American Royalty


If Hillary Clinton wins the Democratic Party nomination in 2008, it would continue a trend of a Bush or a Clinton being on a national presidential ticket for the last 28 years in the United States. Never before in the history of the nation have two families dominated the political process in such a manner. This two-family domination has  1) endangered the American presidency as a representative institution.  2) has allowed family personal issues to dominate policymaking at a crucial time in American history. The current struggles of the second Bush presidency should give pause to those Americans who are contemplating a second Clinton presidency. By examining the political careers of 3 Bushes (George H.W., George W. and Jeb and 2 Clintons (Bill and Hillary), this book will highlight the problems and the consequences of combining the most powerful political office in the world with family legacies.

  • Palgrave Macmillan; May 2008
  • ISBN 9780230612518
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  • Title: American Royalty
  • Author: Matthew T. Corrigan
  • Imprint: Palgrave Macmillan

About The Author

Matthew Corrigan is an Associate Professor at the University of North Florida in the Department of Political Science and Public Administration.