In Freud's Tracks

Conversations from the Journal of European Psychoanalysis

by Sergio Benvenuto,

The privileged link of psychoanalysis to spoken language does not necessarily facilitate communication among analysts and psychotherapists of different mother tongues. The Journal of European Psychoanalysis_published since 1995_has long sought to overcome these linguistic barriers. Traditionally, it has introduced English readers to important European authors, as well as to authors of Latin American countries whose paradigms are close to European 'styles.' Freed of the editorial and political constraints that often govern the official organs of schools and institutions, the Journal of European Psychoanalysis has, for many years, regularly featured conversations with some of the most prominent and brilliant figures in contemporary psychoanalysis: highlighting debates and trends within psychoanalysis and related fields while remaining ever-sensitive to the practical, ethical, and theoretical implications of clinical practice. In Freud's Tracks collects some of the most engaging and provocative of these conversations, thus tracing a recent history of psychoanalysis in Europe while also evidencing the discipline's vital and vibrant connections with the fields of politics and social policy, science and philosophy, cultural studies and the social sciences.
  • Jason Aronson, Inc.; November 2008
  • ISBN 9780765706324
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  • Title: In Freud's Tracks
  • Author: Sergio Benvenuto (ed.); Anthony Molino (ed.)
  • Imprint: Jason Aronson, Inc.

In The Press

In Freud?s Tracks marks an authentic international and intercultural achievement. The analysts and philosophers interviewed?all of the highest intellectual stature?offer detailed historical testimony and colorful personal reflections on the evolution of psychoanalysis in different countries and contexts, in line with the editorial mission of the Journal of European Psychoanalysis. It is a timely, refreshing and indeed stirring text, at times deliberately provocative, both in its challenge to institutionalized forms of psychoanalysis and in its revisitation of crucial moments in the recent history of the discipline. A pleasure to read, In Freud?s Tracks also captures the imagination as it brings to life the intensely personal experience of some of the foremost contributors to modern-day psychoanalysis?a subjective twist that only amplifies the intellectual significance of the editors? tour de force..

About The Author

Sergio Benvenuto is the founder and longstanding editor-in-chief of the Journal of European Psychoanalysis. Anthony Molino is a practicing psychoanalyst and award-winning translator of Italian literature.