Shaping Our Unscripted Future with Service-Learning

When Technology, Globalism, and Community Engagement Collide

by Laurie N. DiPadova-Stocks,

Shaping Our Unscripted Future with Service-Learning
The articles in this E-book each convey the theme of interconnectedness in unscripted times – the awareness that what happens to some of us affects us all. Beginning with Stuteville and Ikerd’s “Global sustainability and service-learning: Paradigms for the future”, we find a comprehensive analysis of the dominant neoclassical economic theories, with a focus on the scant attention paid to sustainability in the traditional economic models. The authors compel us to embrace the sustainable classical theorists of Smith, Malthus, Ricardo, and Mill – these classical theorists saw the field of economics as a tool for enhancing the stability and well-being of society, not as a tool for compromising the well-being of society to enrich a select few. In this paper, Stuteville and Ikerd articulate the core values of sustainability and how they are translated into, and effectively expressed through, the practice of service-learning.
  • Emerald Publishing Limited; July 2009
  • ISBN 9781848556355
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  • Title: Shaping Our Unscripted Future with Service-Learning
  • Author: Laurie N. DiPadova-Stocks; Amy L. Kenworthy
  • Imprint: Emerald Publishing Limited