The Civil War at Sea


From Craig Symonds, author of the 2009 Lincoln Prize award-winner Lincoln and His Admirals, comes a fascinating look at the era when American naval power came of age. Thoroughly researched and excitingly written, it brings to light a wealth of new information on a pivotal aspect of the Civil War.

The Civil War at Sea covers navies on both sides of the conflict, examining key issues such as the impact of emergent technologies, the effectiveness of the Union's ambitious strategy of blockading, the odyssey of Confederate commerce raiders, the role of naval forces on the western rivers, and the difficulty of conducting combined sea and ground operations against the major Southern port cities. For Civil War buffs, fans of military and technological history, and other interested readers, it is insightful, essential reading.

  • ABC-CLIO; August 2009
  • ISBN 9780313081453
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  • Title: The Civil War at Sea
  • Author: Craig Symonds
  • Imprint: Praeger

In The Press

"Symonds' account of the campaigns, strategies, tactics, and personalities that characterized the naval conflict is both detailed and comprehensible for laypersons. He effectively places the naval war within the broader context of an emerging industrial age, as steam and steel led to great changes in the construction and use of warships. The author uses a topical approach, with his descriptions of the Union blockade and Confederate efforts to thwart it particularly interesting. A good addition to Civil War collections." - Booklist

About The Author

Craig L. Symonds is professor emeritus at the U.S. Naval Academy, and the author of 11 previous books on the Civil War and naval history, including the Lincoln-Prize-winning Lincoln and His Admirals.