Energy and Sustainability II

by A. A. Mammoli,

The way in which our society exists, operates and develops is strongly influenced by the way in which energy is produced and consumed. No process in Industry can be performed without sufficient supply of energy, and without Industry there can be no production of commodities on which the existence of modern Society depends. The energy systems evolved over a long period and more rapidly over the last two centuries, as a response to the requirements of Industry and Society, starting from combustion of fuels to exploiting nuclear energy and renewable resources. It is clear that the evolution of the energy systems is a continuous process, which involves constant technological development and innovation.
  • WIT Press; June 2009
  • ISBN 9781845643683
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  • Title: Energy and Sustainability II
  • Author: A. A. Mammoli (ed.); C. A. Brebbia (ed.)
  • Imprint: WIT Press