Crime in Road Freight Transport

by OECD Publishing,

Crime in road transport is a serious and growing problem. The extent of crime involving goods and goods vehicles is difficult to estimate, but data in some countries show that up to 1% of the commercial fleet is stolen each year, at an annual cost of many millions of euros.

In a study of 23 European countries, this report describes the modes of theft of commercial vehicles and goods most prevalent in the 1990s, outlines the various methods used to record highway theft and draws attention to the statistical difficulties involved in measuring the phenomenon. It lists existing and potential security improvements for road freight vehicles, such as equipment to prevent vehicles from being stolen (anti-theft devices), and equipment to track and recover stolen vehicles (after-theft systems).

This report results from two ECMT studies on "Theft of goods and goods vehicles" and "Improving security for road freight vehicles". It includes various ECMT Ministerial statements and policy decisions on the subject.