iPad Survival Guide

Step-by-Step User Guide for Apple iPad; Getting Started, Downloading FREE eBooks, Using eMail, Photos and Videos, and Surfing Web


The iPad Survival Guide organizes the wealth of knowledge about the iPad into one place, where it can be easily accessed and navigated for quick reference. Unlike the official iPad manual, the survival guide is not written like a book in paragraph form. Instead, every instruction is broken down into clear and concise steps.

The iPad Survival Guide provides useful information not discussed in the iPad manual, such as tips and tricks, hidden features, troubleshooting advice, as well as advice on how to solve various Wi-Fi issues. You will also learn how to download FREE games and FREE eBooks, how to PRINT right from your iPad, and how to make VOICE CALLS with the use of a simple application. Whereas the official iPad manual is stagnant, this guide goes above and beyond by discussing recent known issues and solutions that may be currently available. This information is constantly revised for a complete, up-to-date manual.

This iPad guide includes:

Getting Started:
- Button Layout
- Before First Use
- Navigating the Screens
- Setting Up Wi-Fi
- Setting Up an Email Account
- Using Email
- Setting Up Your Email Application
- Logging In to the Application Store
- Photos and Videos
- Using iTunes to Import Videos
- Sending Pictures via Email
- Setting a Picture as Wallpaper
- Viewing a Slideshow
- Importing Pictures Using iPhoto
- Importing Pictures Using a PC
- Viewing a Video
-Using Skype for Voice Calls and Text Messages

Advanced topics:
- Downloading Free Applications
- Downloading Free Books
- Adding Previously Purchased and Free eBooks to iBooks app
- Using the Kindle Reader for iPad
- Using the iBooks Application
- Turning On VoiceOver
- Printing Directly from the iPad
- Printing Web Pages
- Moving a Message to Another Mailbox or Folder
- Changing the Default Signature
- Setting the Default Account
- Changing How You Receive Email
- Saving a Picture or Attachment
- Managing Contacts
- Using Safari Web Browser
- Blocking Pop-Up Windows
- Managing Applications
- Setting a Passcode Lock
- Changing Keyboard Settings
- Tips and Tricks
- Maximizing Battery Life
- Solving WiFi issues
- Troubleshooting

  • MobileReference.com; January 2010
  • ISBN 9781607788751
  • Read online, or download in secure EPUB format
  • Title: iPad Survival Guide
  • Author: Toly K
  • Imprint: MobileReference.com