A Practical Guide for the Law Enforcement and Security Manager

A Theoretical and Experential Approach


This text uses both theory and practical application of leadership and management precepts to lead the reader through a variety of common scenarios. The theory is tied to actual experiences and scenarios that educate the reader through the critical thought process of decision making. This adds a level of learning not found in many texts that address either theory or practical applications but fail to link them. The topics discussed range from effective techniques in communications, decision-making issues and methods, and resource management. Issues that are critical to the manager such as emergency planning, response to critical incidents, supervision of specialty teams and operational issues are explored. One of the essential skills discussed for the manager is the collection, compilation, and interpretation of data. Data interpretation is the driving force in the allocation of resources and deployment of personnel. Further, this skill is important in the development of funding through grants. The manager’s role in discipline, use of force, and morale are addressed. Timely events regarding the law enforcement manager’s response to weapons of mass destruction, racial profiling, and litigation receive attention. Systems analysis is explored to educate the manager to appreciate upstream and downstream impacts of their decisions. Contemporary issues from the perspective of the supervisor and manager is addressed, with lessons learned and information conveyed that is applicable at all levels of management.
  • Charles C Thomas; January 2004
  • ISBN 9780398084080
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  • Title: A Practical Guide for the Law Enforcement and Security Manager
  • Author: Jim Smith
  • Imprint: Charles C Thomas