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Deliciously Wicked

Deliciously Wicked by Jenika Snow
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[Siren Classic: Erotic Sci-Fi Romance, Fantasy]When Mena is transported into a strange world, she comes face-to-face with a towering seven foot tall man named Demariak. She can't help the desire that just one look from him sparks in her. When Mena is lite
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Title: Deliciously Wicked
Author: Jenika Snow



Mena took her clothing off as well and made her way over to the edge. Enjoying the water, Mena didn’t hear the branches snapping all around them or the heavy fall of footsteps.

“All right, come on, we need to walk some more and see if we can find that portal thing again,” Mena said.

Mena made her way out of the water, Kitty following behind her. Mena walked over to where her clothing was and bent to gather it. A boot stepped into her line of vision—a very, very large boot. She backed up and kept her head low, her eyes still on the boots. Slowly moving her eyes up, her every sense was on high alert. The strong smell of leather engulfed her as she took in huge thighs the size of tree trunks. A bulge that made her swallow just from the sheer size of it seemed to take up her entire line of vision. Muscles rippled under a smooth, hairless chest, the skin a golden bronze. She swallowed, not from fear, but from what… excitement? Her heart pounded quickly, heat consuming her every being. Arousal washed through her as she continued to stare at the most glorious male body she had ever seen. She should have been embarrassed by her blatant staring, but no, all she could think about was the purely male body in front of her. As she continued to stare, she noted the massive size of his forearms and biceps. The veins roped their way under his skin, standing in stark contrast. When her eyes finally reached his face, she felt her mouth drop open in amazement.

He was close to seven feet tall and nearly three hundred pounds of solid, rippling muscle! Mena craned her neck back just to look into his face. He showed no emotion, his expression making him look ruthless. His hair was short, cropped and the color of midnight. The color of his eyes boarded on eerie, an ice-blue that seemed to stare straight into her soul. A dark leather band wrapped around his forehead with strange tribal-like words written on the circumference.

Although she feared him on some level, she couldn’t help the arousal that burned inside of her. He wasn’t handsome in the classic sense, but the air of power and danger that surrounded him made him attractive in his own right. She brought her eyes back down and noted his chest sported tattoos in the same writing and tribal designs as the leather band around his forehead.

The tattoos began just above his nipples, working in a swirling pattern that disappeared over his shoulders. The same leather bands wrapped around both of his biceps, and tribal designs were tattooed around his forearms.

Who or what is this?




“Oh, thalla, I should stop.”

Feeling Demariak's large hands flex and release on her hips, Mena knew she should tell him to stop, but the fire running through her body could not be ignored.

“No, Demariak, don’t stop… I need you to put out the burning inside of me.”

She stared at him, and saw his nostrils flare and his eyes glaze over with lust. Ready this time, Mena took his kiss and gave back just as forcefully. She nibbled on his mouth and took satisfaction at the groan that escaped his lips. She ran her tongue over his lips and thrusted her tongue inside his mouth. Demariak let out a pure male growl of satisfaction, but soon took over the kiss, showing his dominance.

He ran his hand up her rib cage, skimming the sides of her breasts to grip the edge of her dress. He ripped the fabric down to her navel, immediately taking possession of one of her breasts with his mouth. He swirled his tongue around the already stiff peak, drawing it between his teeth, giving it a little tug.

She moaned and threw her head back, grabbing Demariak’s wide shoulders for support. His hot breath skimmed over her breasts, causing her to suck in a deep breath of air. He moved from her nipple and licked a path between her breasts and up the column of her neck, lightly sucking and scraping his teeth over the skin below her ear. He whispered to her in his language, his words roughened by his lust. She gasped as he picked her up, carrying her to the bed and setting her lightly atop it. In one swift move, he tore the rest of her dress from her body.

“You are so beautiful.”

She shivered at the harsh deepness of his voice and looked at him from under her lashes. She suddenly felt nervous and saw his hands go to his pants and unlace them. He quickly shoved them down his legs and kicked them to the side. Mena swallowed at the sight. His body was thickly muscled, all bulging muscles and sinew. She took in the wide expanse of his shoulders, the tattoos that seemed to amplify the air of power and dominance he emitted. She slowly gazed at the length of his rippled abdomen, hot wetness flowing from her at the sight of him. Every inch of him was smooth, golden skin. Her eyes drifted farther south, leading to what she wanted most at the moment.

He watched her with heavy-lidded eyes. The way his eyes traveled down her body made her vagina clench with need.

Mena held back the gasp that traveled up her throat when she caught sight of the massive erection he revealed. Demariak’s erection was thick and long, being at least the width of her wrist and jutting from smooth, hairless skin. The head shone a violent red, a pearl-sized drop of liquid dotting the tip.

“Th-that won’t fit.” She felt stupid for even saying anything. She saw Demariak smile slowly and stalk toward her. She moved back farther on the bed, her back hitting the ice-cold wall. She knew an erection that size couldn’t fit in her. The arousal in her made her think of how deliciously he would stretch and fill her. Blushing, she felt her hot juices slide down the inside of her leg from her illicit thoughts.

Her eyes grew wide as he moved onto the bed. His big body covered her, all light blocked by his sheer size. His hand covered her hip, running up to her breast and causing her flesh to prickle with awareness. He removed his hand and sat back on his haunches. A gasp came out of her when both of his warm hands landed on her thighs, gently spreading them. She held on to the sheets as his head dipped. She felt him run his tongue up and down her inner thigh, moving more toward her center. Her mouth opened on a silent cry as his tongue touched her clit, sucking it into the warm cavern of his mouth. He moaned deeply, looking up from her thighs and making eye contact with her. Mena didn’t bother hiding her shock when he licked all her glistening wetness off of his lips.

Looking down at Mena’s soaked pussy, Demariak spread her thighs wider, watching as she lay completely back and closed her eyes. His cock jerked at the sight of her bare, pink pussy lips, swollen and wet from her arousal. Her clit pulsed with need, ruby red from his ministrations. Sticking his tongue out, he twirled it around her clit again, sucking the little berry into his mouth. She moaned in satisfaction as he ran his tongue down her slit, plunging it into her waiting hole. Looking up, he saw her hands grabbing forcefully onto the material of the bed.

He looked at Mena with lust-filled eyes and suppressed the desire that consumed him. Her muscles tightened around his fingers, gripping him like an iron fist. He sucked harder on her clit, needing to bring her climax to the surface. She threw her head back as he sucked harder and faster. Her moan went long and loud, driving his arousal higher. He thrust his fingers faster as he felt her warm juices start to coat his hand.


* * * *


Mena sucked in her bottom lip, a moan spilling from her mouth. Demariak did wicked things to her, making her juices flow out and down her ass. He moved from her clit, plunging his tongue in and out of her hole, bringing his thumb to her clit and moving it around in slow circles. His tongue left the hot depth of her and moved along her lips, lightly nibbling them as he went. Mena gripped the sheets tighter as he sucked in her throbbing, swollen clit vigorously. He slipped two large, rough fingers into her soaked vagina, thrusting them deep. Mena felt all the pleasure build inside of her. Her inner muscles tightened, drawing Demariak’s fingers in deeper.

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