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Temptation Unveiled

Temptation Unveiled by Jenika Snow
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[Siren Classic: Erotic Sci-Fi Romance]Keirak…second in command to the ZorZack tribe. Ruthless when it comes to something he wants, he stops at nothing until it is in his possession.Kitty…thrust into an alternative dimension on Earth, she doesn&#
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Title: Temptation Unveiled
Author: Jenika Snow



Keirak’s body stiffened as Kitty’s warm hand settle atop his. His heart pounded fiercely in his chest, and his blood heated under his skin. Her touch felt so right, so good, that he knew he would never get enough of it. Her hand was gone as quickly as it had arrived and he instantly missed her warmth. Ever since he’d laid eyes on her, he couldn’t get her out of his mind. He pictured them together, limbs moving as one as he pushed into her soft body and brought them both a pleasure he knew would be incredible.

Since she had arrived a year ago, he hadn’t been able to relieve himself with another female. Just thinking about it made his cock go flaccid with distaste. It confused him at first, not knowing how to feel about the emotions she conjured inside of him. Every minute he was near her made him care about her that much more, made his need to protect and cherish her that much more intense

He knew he had to have her, that no other would do. As he stared at her beautiful, soft face, he pictured them together, their life as one and the children they would have. He knew he didn’t just want her to sate his lust. No, he wanted her for the rest of his life. His hands shook to touch her, to run his finger along her soft face, smooth away the frown that seemed to mar her beautiful features regularly.

 He shouldn’t have the thoughts that he had, but they were unavoidable. Females like Kitty needed a gentle male, not one that killed without remorse, not one that had a past that haunted them and woke them with nightmares.

Until she came along, he didn’t have any emotions. He was an empty shell of a male that found a quick release with a willing female. Scars riddled him physically as well as emotionally. He wanted her with a passion he had never felt before, but he knew he had nothing to give her except a haunted past.

He watched as her lovely golden hair fell across her shoulder, her delicate fingers brushing the silken strands back to reveal her slender, creamy neck. He could just picture those golden strands brushing across her breasts and flowing over her nipples that would be hard from his mouth. His cock swelled beneath his leathers, and he shifted uncomfortably in his seat. He felt like a vile monster for thinking such thoughts about her, but he couldn’t seem to help himself.

He shouldn’t have even given her the picture, but he wanted to give her something that showed his affection, even if it was a small slip of paper. An impulse had urged him to present it to her as an offering, a gift of his affection. He ran his eyes over her body, the image enough to fuel his desires. She wore one of the dresses he brought her, the fabric fitting her body like a second skin and molding to her assets perfectly. He had been elated when she refused to wear the traditional dresses the ZorZack females wore. Truth be told, he would have preferred her to be covered from head to toe in a Kalla monster hide.

Before she came along, he preferred his females naked and spread before him, but now things were much different. He wanted to be sweet with her, wanted to be different for her. His eyes went down to her supple breasts, two perfect round globes that pressed against her gown. He picked out the dresses from one of the many merchants within the tribes mountain village, choosing the blue hues that matched her eyes.

“So, where should we start?”

He snapped his eyes up, his mind immediately thinking of illicit things of where they could start. He pictured her on her belly, her ass up in the air, her pussy wet and waiting for his cock. He shook his head, his leathers starting to grow tighter at the image of her spread out for him. He was thankful her attention was on the parchment with his tribe’s language on it, her eyebrows knitted together in confusion.

He cleared his throat and looked at the parchment, thankful he wouldn’t have to rise and show his desire that was hard and clearly evident. “These are the most common phrases. I thought we would go over them again since you seemed to have a hard time with them the last time.” The most gorgeous shade of pink started to cover her cheeks. Her head went down and he assumed she was ashamed of the fact that she had a hard time with the tribe’s language. “Kitty.” He reached across the table and placed his finger under her small chin. He lifted her head and their eyes locked. “Do not worry. This language is far from what you are used to. It will take time to learn, but you will catch on, of that I have no doubt.”

She didn’t say anything, but the way her eyes held his made his cock harder. He hurriedly sat back, brought the parchment closer to him and turned it at an angle. He started at the top and spoke each phrase slowly and clearly. “Tu ma kallena vanya.” He looked at her and smiled. “Do you remember what this one means?” She looked at the parchment and knitted her eyebrows together again in thought. He wanted to run his fingers over her brow and smooth away the worry, but he gritted his teeth against the need. Her eyes snapped to his and lit up as a smile crossed her face.

“How are you today?”

“Very good, fallina.” He immediately closed his mouth and regretted what he just said, hoping she didn’t question the phrase he just used.



Their tongues moved together in an intimate caress, the sensual glide making her wet and needy. She moved her hands tentatively to his chest, his growl of approval fueling her arousal and giving her the courage she needed. She ran her hands over the smooth skin, the muscles tight and hard and filled with so much power.

She slid her hands up to his shoulders and wrapped them around his neck, pulling his mouth closer. He walked her backward until the back of her legs hit the edge of the bed. She sat down, their mouths never breaking as he moved with her. She spread her legs to accommodate his large frame and groaned when he pushed his erection against her pussy.

Her heart rate picked up as he started a slow grind against her vagina, his cock moving against her clit and sending electrical currents all the way through her. His shaft was big and thick as it pressed against her slit. He broke their kiss and moved down to her neck, biting gently and then licking the pleasure-pain away.

“I have wanted you from the moment I saw you.”

His whispered words sent shock waves through her vagina, and it clenched as if trying to grip what it really wanted. She was surprised by his admission. “You have?” He pulled his head back and framed her face with his hands, his green stare intense, yet caring. A slow, sensual smile played across his lips, and he brought his mouth down to hers for a slow kiss.

“I have, so very, very much.”

She smiled against his lips and closed her eyes.  “I want you, too. I didn’t want to, I fought it, but in the end, I can’t deny my feelings for you any longer. I wanted to find you before you left to tell you.”

He pulled back and sat on his haunches and stared at her. “You did?”

She nodded and gasped as he pushed her back on the bed, his body covering her as his mouth took possession of her lips. He stroked her hair, his mouth trailing kissing down the side of her neck and over her collar bone. He moved his mouth over the top of her breast, his hot air caressing her skin even through the fabric of her gown. She wanted his mouth there so badly it hurt.

His lips hovered precariously close to her stiff nipple, and she knew she should be embarrassed by the way it stabbed through the material. All she would have to do was arch her spine, just a little bit, and her nipple would rub against his lips. A warm gush of wetness slid out of her body at the illicit thought. He growled deeply, the sound vibrating straight through her and tingling all of her erogenous zones.

“I can smell the sweet nectar that spills from you. I want to lap it up before I stab my cock deep inside of you.”

She breathed heavily, every word he spoke bringing her desire so high she didn’t know if it would ever come down. He gripped the hem of her dress and slid it up and over her head. He tossed it on the ground, staring down at her and causing her to shiver in delight. He moved down her body, his hands rubbing over every inch of her exposed skin in the process. He gripped her calves, staring up at her as he gently pulled them open.

He settled between her thighs, his body so big it dwarfed hers and made her feel petite and feminine. Her clit tingled with every breath he took, the current of air gently wafting over the engorged bead. His hands smoothed over her thighs, getting closer and closer to what really ached. His big hands framed her pussy, his thumbs gently pulling her labia’s apart and blowing hot air over her saturated folds.

“You are so beautiful.”

She dropped her head on the bed and closed her eyes as his tongue swirled around her opening. She felt his tongue flatten out as he dragged it up to her clit, sucking the pulsating bead into his mouth as he moaned. The vibrations had her arching her back in pleasure. She opened her eyes and looked down at him, the very sight of what he was doing an aphrodisiac.

He took his thumb and forefinger and framed her clit, pulling her lips apart so that the nub stood out alone. He stopped sucking and looked into her eyes, never breaking contact as he dipped his head back down and twirled his tongue around it.

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