Mobile TV: Customizing Content and Experience

by Aaron Marcus, Anxo Cereijo Roibás,

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This book will present significant projects and studies carried out in academia and in industry seeking to develop new mobile multimedia systems that go beyond mobile TV (in terms of purely media streaming) and are more enjoyable and relevant for the nomadic and peripatetic user.  To do this, it will showcase successful methodologies and new relevant solutions that extend the field of action of people on the move, improving, at the same time, the quality of their mobile experience.

The objectectives of the book are as follows:

  • to gain insight into the future of mobile TV and mobile video in general;
  • to explore the user-experience in mobile and pervasive interactive multimedia systems;
  • to question the essential correlation between mobile video and users' context;
  • to analyse how these systems can encourage the creation of mobile communities;
  • to understand how these systems can be evaluated;
  • to unveil relevant scenarios for mobile storytelling (creation and sharing);
  • to understand how sociability can be achieved in nomadic contexts;
  • to analyse how mobile digital content could evolve;
  • to examine advanced interaction modalities for mobile video, and
  • to discuss techniques to anticipate how nomadic cultures can shape trends in technology.
  • Springer London; December 2009
  • ISBN 9781848827011
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  • Title: Mobile TV: Customizing Content and Experience
  • Author: Aaron Marcus (ed.); Anxo Cereijo Roibás (ed.); Riccardo Sala (ed.)
  • Imprint: Springer
Subject categories
  • 1848827016
  • 9781848827004
  • 9781848827011

About The Author

Dr Anxo Roibas is Senior Lecturer at the University of Brighton, Visiting Lecturer at Westminster University, at the Politecnico di Milano and the National Institute of Design (India). He has been user experience Consultant for Vodafone and since 2000 he has been collaborating with the Nokia Research Center. He has coordinated ethnographic research in collaboration with the Vodafone Group Fondation and the British Royal Academic of Engineering exploring the use of mobile phones as multimedia interfaces. He has been British Fellow at the BT IT Mobility Research Center. Anxo is Executive Committee member of the British HCI Group.

Aaron Marcus (BA, Princeton University, BFA, MFA, Yale University) is President of Aaron Mracus and Associates, Inc. a pioneering user-interface (UI) design firm. Mr Marcus is the world's first graphic designer to use computers. His firm has worked on mobile UI projects with Equilibrio, HP, Motorola, Nokia, Siemens, Samsung, Qwest, and Visa among others. He has written/co-written 4 books and more than 250 papers and lectures/tutors worldwide about mobile UI design.

Riccardo Sala (BA and MSc Design Politecnico di Milano, MA Interactive Media Dublin Institute of Technology) is Information Architect at Dare Digital. He has been interaction designer at the Times Online. He has also worked as consultant HCI designer specialized in new media and the assessment of the user experience with applications and services for mobile phones.