The Swat Cyclopedia

A Handy Desk Reference of Terms, Techniques, and Strategies Associated with the Police Special Weapons and Tactics Function


As SWAT has become more established within the police community, a certain language and jargon has also evolved with it. THE SWAT CYCLOPEDIA has been developed as a basic reference for this terminology as well as other state-of-the-art information associated with the police special weapons and tactics function. Within this source is a wide range of technical data pertaining to the tactical topics of training, equipment, deployment, operational strategies, slang, quotes, helpful hints and historical details, along with scores of other informative features. So that a more comprehensive understanding of the world of SWAT can be obtained, such topics as counter-terrorism, domestic terrorism, and international terrorism have also been included. In order to make the book more useful, many of the terms in the text have been cross-referenced. It will be of interest to police officers assigned to a SWAT team, as well as to those individuals who are interested in tactical response operations and what is involved in this law enforcement function. The manual encompasses certain administrative considerations that pertain to the organization and management of an agencyís SWAT program, and therefore, it is also designed to provide particular assistance to the tactical commander seeking solutions or to the law enforcement executive who may be planning the incorporation of a special weapons and tactics unit within his or her agency.
  • Charles C Thomas; January 1999
  • ISBN 9780398083434
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  • Title: The Swat Cyclopedia
  • Author: Richard Haynes
  • Imprint: Charles C Thomas