Food versus Fuel

An Informed Introduction to Biofuels

by Frank Rosillo-Calle, Francis Johnson, David Pimentel, Richard Hess, Rocio Diaz-Chavez, R. H. Ravindranath,

Food versus Fuel presents a high-level introduction to the science and economics behind a well-worn debate, that will debunk myths and provide quality facts and figures for academics and practitioners in development studies, environment studies, and agricultural studies. Compiled by an internationally renowned scientist and authority, and to include perspectives from 'pro' and 'anti' biofuels experts and activists, from the North and South, the aim of this book is to bring a balanced approach to the current debate on the major issues affecting the development of biofuels in a concise and clear manner in order to provide an informed, nuanced but accessible introduction, grounded in science and economics rather than conjecture and controversy.
  • Zed Books; November 2010
  • ISBN 9781848133846
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  • Title: Food versus Fuel
  • Author: Frank Rosillo-Calle (ed.); Francis Johnson (ed.); David Pimentel (contrib.); Richard Hess (contrib.); Rocio Diaz-Chavez (contrib.); R. H. Ravindranath (contrib.); Luis B. Cortez (contrib.)
  • Imprint: Zed Books

In The Press

'While the food versus fuel debate still rages, this book fulfills an important role in introducing the pros and cons of biofuels in a rigorous, well-informed and accessible way that will surely improve the understanding of the issues by the general public. It will therefore help the debate move in a constructive way.'Olivier Dubois, FAO'The book’s competent organizers were very fortunate in bringing positive and negative views from well known global experts and, in the end, providing guidance for the reader to make his/her own conclusion.'Jose Roberto Moreira, University of São Paulo and Biomass Users Network-Brazil'This is a fundamental book for everyone interested in our future.'Luiz Horta Nogueira, Itajubá Federal University, Brazil'Presenting balanced evidence and including authors that represent a full range of views on the subject, Food vs Fuel – an informed introduction discusses some of the key issues related to feeding the world population while simultaneously providing energy for their comfort using biofuels.'Carlos Henrique de Brito Cruz, São Paulo Research Foundation

About The Author

Frank Rosillo-Calle is an Honorary Research Fellow in Biomass Energy at Imperial College London. He has more than 30 years' experience in bioenergy research, and has been involved in many international research projects.Francis X. Johnson is Senior Research Fellow in Climate and Energy at the Stockholm Environment Institute. He has been an expert adviser and/or evaluator for several international organizations, including the European Commission, UNIDO, Eurostat, FAO and the European Parliament.