Many-Body Boson Systems

Half a Century Later


This book offers a modern way of dealing with the problems of equilibrium states of Bose systems. Starting with the variation principle of statistical mechanics and the energy-entropy balance principle as equilibrium criteria, results for general boson systems and models are explicitly derived using simple functional analytic calculus.

Bridging the gap between general theoretical physics and the phenomenological research in the field of Bose systems, this book provides an insight into the fascinating quantum world of bosons. Key topics include the occurrence of BEC and its intimate structural relation with the phenomena of spontaneous symmetry breaking and off-diagonal long range order; the condensate equation; the issue concerning the choice of boundary conditions; solvable versus non-solvable boson models; the set of quasi-free boson states; the role of dissipative perturbations; and the surprising but general relation between general quantum fluctuations and boson systems.

Only some knowledge of quantum mechanics and undergraduate algebra and analysis is assumed. This textbook brings students and researchers smoothly from general concepts to vivid applications.

  • Springer London; November 2010
  • ISBN 9780857291097
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  • Title: Many-Body Boson Systems
  • Author: André F. Verbeure
  • Imprint: Springer

In The Press

From the reviews:

“The book under review aims to make the considerable body of results obtained in rigorous mathematical work by the author and his co-authors on the bosonic many-body problem available to a broader audience of students and researchers in physics and mathematics. … provides an overview of a general theory of quantum fluctuations and the notion of bosonization, which to my knowledge has not previously appeared in book form … .” (Bruno Nachtergaele, Mathematical Reviews, Issue 2012 a)