Dynamic Formal Epistemology

by Patrick Girard, Olivier Roy,

This volume is a collation of original contributions from the key actors of a new trend in the contemporary theory of knowledge and belief, that we call “dynamic epistemology”. It brings the works of these researchers under a single umbrella by highlighting the coherence of their current themes, and by establishing connections between topics that, up until now, have been investigated independently. It also illustrates how the new analytical toolbox unveils questions about the theory of knowledge, belief, preference, action, and rationality, in a number of central axes in dynamic epistemology: temporal, social, probabilistic and even deontic dynamics.
  • Springer Netherlands; January 2011
  • ISBN 9789400700741
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  • Title: Dynamic Formal Epistemology
  • Author: Patrick Girard (ed.); Olivier Roy (ed.); Mathieu Marion (ed.)
  • Imprint: Springer

In The Press

From the reviews:

"Dynamic Formal Epistemology contains a great deal of novel research of which I was not aware in the areas of belief change, knowledge change, modal logical approaches of such matters, and pragmatics of such matters. Overall as a collection it is admirably focussed, and it is a welcome addition to the literature in this area." Hans van Ditmarsch, University of Sevilla, Spain

“This book features a collection of twelve articles, each related in some way or another to the central theme suggested by the title: Dynamic formal epistemology. … The quality of the papers included in the book is generally good, and it contains several novel ideas and results that will no doubt be of interest to researchers working in the field. … a well-written book which is worth recommending to people working in dynamic epistemic logic and related areas.” (Sebastian Enqvist, Mathematical Reviews, Issue 2012 i)

About The Author

P. Girard: PhD. Stanford University, 2009. Publications in Journal of Applied Non-Classical Logic and Journal of Philosophical Logic.

O. Roy: PhD. Institute for Logic, Language and Computation, Amsterdam, 2008. Publications in Journal of Philosophical Logic, Synthese, Economics and Philosophy.

M. Marion: PhD. Oxford, 1991. Publications in Philosophiques, Synthese, Philosophia Scientiae.