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How Sabotage Behavior Affects Your Daily Life

Self-Sabotage by Lorraine Hockley
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This book features stories of people who have overcome sabotage behavior with the help of author and life coach Lorraine Hockley. Learn about sabotage issues such as addiction, procrastination, money worrying and people-pleasing through reading about their personal experiences.

Lorraine re-interviewed each person four years later, and much can be learned from these follow-up interviews. You will gain valuable insight into how to free yourself from self-sabotage, and finally have the life you have always wanted.

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Title: Self-Sabotage
Author: Lorraine Hockley

You may think of sabotage as acts of warfare, such as blowing up a railway line. The sabotage I am referring to is far less dramatic. It happens every day of your life – yes, your life. We perform acts of self-sabotage every day, whether we know it or not.

But usually we know...

When I mention that I'm writing a book on sabotage behavior, the reaction is universal: “Great idea! I need to read about that...” Self-sabotage is now an accepted element of living in a busy world with too many choices and too little time.

Well, I don’t accept that sabotage behavior is a natural part of life. I believe you can identify your sabotage issues and learn how to overcome them. My own life, and that of many coaching clients, is proof that it is possible.

Before you read further, there are two points I want to emphasize about sabotage behavior – and I 'll continue to stress these points throughout the book:

- Sabotage behavior is a sub-conscious act. It is virtually impossible to overcome it alone. It becomes a cycle, and you need outside help to break free from that cycle.

- The biggest factor in overcoming sabotage behavior is being 100% committed to dealing with it, once and for all.

The most difficult thing to accept about sabotage behavior is that it is sub-conscious. I have had many successful, intelligent clients express astonishment that they cannot fix the behavior by themselves. “I run a multi-million dollar business – why can’t I sort out a simple issue like eating properly?”

I reassure them that the part of them that refuses to eat healthily is quite disconnected from the part that runs a large successful company. I tell them that the most important thing they can do is to commit, with every fiber of their being, to changing this behavior.

When a person commits 100% to dealing with their sabotage behavior, and I work with them to bring in new strategies, they will succeed.

The best way to start learning about sabotage behavior is to see it in action. I have created a character called Mark, who could be a composite of all my coaching clients. What follows is the story of an average day in Mark’s life, incorporating many common forms of sabotage behavior. Read, smile, cringe, and note the ways you identify with him.

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