Breaking the Mold of School Instruction and Organization

Innovative and Successful Practices for the Twenty-First Century

by Andrea Honigsfeld, Audrey Cohan, Rita Dunn, Monisha Bajaj, Nadine Binkley, Nancy Boxler, József Braun, Furman Brown, Sally Brown, James P. Capolupo, Douglas Carney, Patricia Chesbro, Alan J. Cooper, Alan J. Daly, Maria G. Dove, Lois Favre, Marc Ferris, Douglas Fisher, Karen Bostic Frederick, Mary Ellen Freeley, Joan R. Fretz, Alice E. Ginsberg, Diane W. Gómez, Dr. Richard Hanzelka, Fleur Harris, Madeleine F. Holzer, Charles F. Howlett, Nora E. Hyland, Judit Kováts, Diane E. Lang, Diane Lapp, Suzanne M. Lasser, Anastasia Legakes, Michael A. Malone, JudithR Merz, Mária Molnár, Suzanne D. Morgan, Audrey Murphy, Irene Nigaglioni, Stephen M. Noonan, Scott Noppe-Brandon, Margaret S. Parsons, Michael Pezone, Robert Pillar, Philip J. Poinelli, James H. Powell, Lori Langer de Ramirez, Susan Rundle, Mavis G. Sanders, Ingvar Sigurgeirsson, Alan Singer, Linda Kantor Swerdlow, Zoila Tazi,

This one-of-a-kind collection of chapters takes the reader on a tour to explore innovative practices from classrooms, schools, districts, communities, and faraway places in the world. Each of the chapters-organized under six headings-tells an authentic, compelling story of a pioneering and successful initiative that breaks the traditional mold of instructional delivery and time-honored school organization. Breaking the Mold of School Instruction and Organization guides readers through examples of education initiatives which go beyond traditional classroom restraints to achieve surprising success.
  • R&L Education; January 2010
  • ISBN 9781607094029
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  • Title: Breaking the Mold of School Instruction and Organization
  • Author: Andrea Honigsfeld (ed.); Audrey Cohan (ed.); Rita Dunn (other); Monisha Bajaj (contrib.); Nadine Binkley (contrib.); Nancy Boxler (contrib.); József Braun (contrib.); Furman Brown (contrib.); Sally Brown (contrib.); James P. Capolupo (contrib.); Douglas Carney (contrib.); Patricia Chesbro (contrib.); Alan J. Cooper (contrib.); Alan J. Daly (contrib.); Maria G. Dove (contrib.); Lois Favre (contrib.); Marc Ferris (contrib.); Douglas Fisher (contrib.); Karen Bostic Frederick (contrib.); Mary Ellen Freeley (contrib.); Joan R. Fretz (contrib.); Alice E. Ginsberg (contrib.); Diane W. Gómez (contrib.); Dr. Richard Hanzelka (contrib.); Fleur Harris (contrib.); Madeleine F. Holzer (contrib.); Charles F. Howlett (contrib.); Nora E. Hyland (contrib.); Judit Kováts (contrib.); Diane E. Lang (contrib.); Diane Lapp (contrib.); Suzanne M. Lasser (contrib.); Anastasia Legakes (contrib.); Michael A. Malone (contrib.); JudithR Merz (contrib.); Mária Molnár (contrib.); Suzanne D. Morgan (contrib.); Audrey Murphy (contrib.); Irene Nigaglioni (contrib.); Stephen M. Noonan (contrib.); Scott Noppe-Brandon (contrib.); Margaret S. Parsons (contrib.); Michael Pezone (contrib.); Robert Pillar (contrib.); Philip J. Poinelli (contrib.); James H. Powell (contrib.); Lori Langer de Ramirez (contrib.); Susan Rundle (contrib.); Mavis G. Sanders (contrib.); Ingvar Sigurgeirsson (contrib.); Alan Singer (contrib.); Linda Kantor Swerdlow (contrib.); Zoila Tazi (contrib.); Thomas DeVere Wolsey (contrib.)
  • Imprint: R&L Education

In The Press

Breaking the Mold of School Instruction and Organization includes important ideas on teaching, leadership, and partnerships that will motivate students to learn and improve schools in wonderful ways. In chapter after chapter, the authors show that teachers and administrators have choices between the conventional vs. the creative, the isolated vs. the connected, and between old ways vs. new ways to organize schools, engage families and communities, and excite students about school and about learning. So many good ideas—tested and in practice—await others to see the point.

About The Author

Dr. Andrea Honigsfeld is associate dean in the Division of Education at Molloy College, Rockville Centre, NY. She received several awards including a Fulbright Lecturing Award, Outstanding Dissertation Award, and ESL Educator of the Year Award. Dr. Audrey Cohan is a professor in the Division of Education at Molloy College, Rockville Centre, NY. She has been published on child sexual abuse and effective professional development practices.