The Killing Of The Countryside


Over then past fifty years the British countryside has changed out of all recognition. A wide range of wildlife species are disappearing - victims of modern intensive farming, of pesticides and fertilisers and the sheer relentless pressure to maximise output from every hedge bank and field corner. It need not have happened. The loss of our wildlife and countryside has come about through a deliberate and sustained national policy, one that costs the British people 8 billion a year.

The Killing of the Countryside is a devastating attack on modern British agricultural policy and practice and a plea for a return to natural cycles, an end to subsidies and the domination of agribusiness, and for a safe, sustainable farming system.

Winner of the 1997 BP Natural World Book Award.

  • Random House; September 2011
  • ISBN 9781448112975
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  • Title: The Killing Of The Countryside
  • Author: Graham Harvey
  • Imprint: Vintage Digital

In The Press

"A scathing attack... He explodes the myth of cheap food with a few simple statistics that even the dimmest politician should be able to grasp, and shows rural Britain devastated by the politics of unthinking subsidy"

About The Author

Graham Harvey is author of The Carbon Fields and a script writer and story editor of The Archers. A former farming journalist, he has written extensively for both radio and television.