Understanding and Preventing College Student Suicide

by Dorian A. Lamis,

Suicide is currently the second leading cause of death among college students in the United States. This complex issue on college campuses is often overlooked, and this book combines the efforts from several leaders in the field of suicidology in an attempt to grasp a better understanding of college student suicide. The book is divided into four parts. Part I discusses suicidal behaviors among college students, college student suicide risk and an analysis of national epidemiological data, gender considerations, racial and ethnic differences, and murder-suicide on campus. Part II explores the risk and protective factors, individual and family history, alcohol involvement, environmental stressors, interpersonal factors, and protective factors. Part III addresses identification and treatment, suicide assessment, cognitive behavioral therapy, including college suicide prevention programs and interventions. A case study presents a real illustration of a counseling intervention with a college student. Additional topics include the variability of college student suicidal behaviors, identification of at-risk students, and legal liabilities of universities. This unique and comprehensive book is intended for college counseling centers, researchers, clinicians, and professionals who are faced with issues relating to college student suicide on a regular basis.
  • Charles C Thomas; September 2011
  • ISBN 9780398086718
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  • Title: Understanding and Preventing College Student Suicide
  • Author: Dorian A. Lamis; David Lester
  • Imprint: Charles C Thomas